Bonanza is the series on which BettyHT bases her stories. Read her tales of the Cartwrights and share in the lives of Ben, Adam, Hoss and Joe as they watch over each other as well as the Ponderosa. Be sure to take a few minutes to tell BettyHT how much you enjoy her stories!

Bean-O Was His Name-O

Does He Like Women?


(What Happened Instead for the episode "Death At Dawn")

Bessie Sue's Proposal

Lost In A Storm Grizzly Tale

Journey Revisited

Red Feather Revenge

The Secret Glade

The Mine

What Did You Do Today, Pa?

The Lake Incident

A Father's Work Is Never Done

Reborn on a Birthday

The Long and Dusty Road

Too Much To Ask

On The Trail

Hoss in Charge

You Can Always Check In

Halloween Revenge

(Sequel to "Land Sharks")

Land Sharks


Dumb Old Adam

I Still Love You

Thinking About Tomorrow

How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Count the Ways

The Scar

A Lesson in Courage

Another Sand Creek


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