All the stories listed on this page are related to Bonanza and nothing but Bonanza.  Here, you will discover all you could ever wish to know about those fabulous Cartwrights and still clamor for more. There are prequels and sequels and genuine timeline adventures with all sorts of thrilling plot twists, including mystery, murder, and mayhem galore. We will always list the newest stories first, so you can spot them easily.



Questions and Some Answers

Walking into Trouble

(sequel to "The Winter of Discontent")

The Winter of Discontent
It's Not Easy Being Young Chaos and Consequences Going for Provisions

Annie K.

    When I Wake Up


    A Day in Town

The Truth Foretold

(What Happened Before for "The Pure Truth")

The Road That Lies Ahead

The World Goes Still

(What Happened Next for "My Brother's Keeper")


  Not A Day Goes By Yesterday's Child


Each Life Has Its Place God Laughs Remember Who You Are


Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? Fade to Black In The Pines
One Bad Day The Spell Puzzled
Wildfire A Degree of Blame Cabin Fever
Searching for Joseph Survival The Storm
The Letters - The Conclusion Adam in Wonderland

The Correspondence

(A series of letters between Adam and Ben)

The Price Restitution The Rewards of Kindness
Adam's Rib Pride & Promises Faith


Christmas Presents

The Deep Abyss
(A What Happened Next for "The Dark Gate")

Of Marbles and Memories and Boys Who Grew Up
A Place toSit The Song The Range Stallion
The Haircut, or A Day in Town The Wherefore and The Why Lessons from the Past

One Night in Spring

(An "Inbetween" story for the episode She Walks in Beauty)

A Rare Courage Ghosts of a Christmas Past
A Friend for Jamie The Battle The Shootout
Dreams Daughter of Night The Best Gift of All


    Bean-O Was His Name-O
Does He Like Women? Doppleganger
(What Happened Instead for the episode "Death at Dawn")
Bessie Sue's Proposal
Lost In A Storm Grizzly Tale Journey Revisited Red Feather Revenge
The Secret Glade The Mine What Did You Do Today, Pa?
The Lake Incident A Father's Work Is Never Done Reborn on a Birthday
The Long and Dusty Road Too Much To Ask On The Trail
Hoss in Charge You Can Always Check In

Halloween Revenge

(sequel to "Land Sharks")

Land Sharks Secrets Dumb Old Adam
I Still Love You Thinking About Tomorrow How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Count the Ways
The Scar A Lesson in Courage Another Sand Creek



Home Again

(sequel to "The Return")

Adam and The Frogs Deception You're My Son

After The Run

(What Happened Next in the episode "Bank Run")

The Return Winnemucca
The Child

Once Upon A Time


A Rose for Lotta

(What Happened Next)




  With the Dawn Comes Mourning

He Was Laughing

(What Happened Next for the episode "Triangle")

A Perspective of One

(What Happened In Between and What Happened Next in "The Honor of Cochise")

The Days Between

Those Who Remain

(companion piece to the story "Seven Words")

Seven Words Wildflowers A Moment Revisited

(The finale of the Moment series and What Happens Next for the episode “Vengeance”)

A Moment Given

(Part of the “A Moment” series and What Happened Next for the episode “Vengeance”)

A Moment Feared

(Sequel to "A Moment Later" and What Happened Next for the episode "Vengeance")

A Moment Later

(Sequel to "A Moment Lost" and What Happened Next for the episode "Vengeance")

A Moment Lost

(sequel to "A Moment" and What Happened Next for the episode Vengeance)

A Moment

(What Happened In-Between and What Happened Next for "Vengeance")

The Light Home

(WHN - The Crucible and sequel to "What The Vultures Will Bring")

What The Vultures Will Bring

(What Happened Next - The Crucible)

To Bed, To Bed Absolution
A Flame Diminished Benita Watson The One Somewhere in the Night


  Living in Fear The Argument



  Big Brother The Teacher




    First Step

Someone to Watch Over Him
(What Happened Instead for the episode "Bushwhacked")

Eternal Justice
(What Happened Instead for the episode "Justice")

One Candle

(What Happened Instead for the episode "Five Candles)

As If The Truth Hurts A Midsummer Night's Dream
The Blink of an Eye Perseverance Clothes Make the Man
Alone Best Laid Plans

A Matter of Intent

(A What Happened Next for "A Matter of Circumstances")

My Lucky Day Purls of Wisdom A Broken Resolution
Choices Trilogy - Choices Choices Trilogy - Shadows Choices Trilogy - Hunger
The Way Home The One That Got Away Staying the Course
What Kind of Man? The Commitment Riptide

Pride of a Woman

(What Happened Next for the episode "Pride of a Man")

Last Chance

High Stakes

(What Happened Next for the episode "The Gamble")

The Devil (and Angels) Among Us

(Missing Scene from Season 12’s “The Night Virginia City Died”)

The Ring Solace

Angel Light

(What Happened Next for "Twilight Town")

Between a Rock and a Hard Place Calendar Girl
Things That Go Bump In the Night To Reach for the Stars The Greatest Gift

On the Death of Dan Blocker


A Different Wind

(What Happened Next for Different Pines, Same Wind)

My Father's Heartbeat



    Home At Last
The Heart of a Hero Becoming A Man For The Love of Little Joe




    Life is Sweet
My Son, My Son Relatively Festive I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes
When Will I See You Again? Follow the Stars Relatively Peaceful
Relatively Speaking Relative Values Star of the Sea
The Earth Will Hold Us Tempt Not the Stars Epiphany
Love Will Tear Us Apart The World is the Totality of Facts Reflections
That Shrinking Feeling The Beltane Fires The Land Dispute




(What Happened Next/Instead for the episode "The Crucible")


(co-written with Lisa M.)

Devotion Dreamer Aim True
Lucky The Naming Heroes


(Companion piece to the story "Invicible")

Invincible Riding On Faith
A World Of Hurt Blood Bonds Night Of The Sword

Another Chance

(What-Happened-Instead for the episode "Second Chance")

Legacy's Promise

(What Happened Instead for the episode "The Legacy")

Strength Of Conviction

(What Happened Next for the episode "Vengeance")


'Twas The Night Before Christmas What We Didn't Choose Rescuing The Stillness
(What Happened Next for the episode "The Stillness Within")
Mama Liked The Roses Yesterday a Jealous Man
(Aka Today's Lonely Fool)
(Missing scenes from "She Walks in Beauty")
The Christmas Visitor
A Matter of Family There's Wisdom and Then There's... If Not For Aura Lee
Until A Rose... Sunup at Dawn
(What Happened Next for the episode Five Sundowns to Sunup)

And I've Got Mine

(aka Until the Pain’s a Cloud of Dust)

First Ride Sage Advice When Hope and Fate Collide...

Changes Past
(A What Happened Next for "The Last Viking")

Never Forgotten Counting Mistakes...
It Almost Seems Like Yesterday... Devil in Disguise Much Too Soon

The Truth
(What Happened Next/Missing Scenes for the episode "The Trap")

Between the Twelfth of Never and Forever Another Side of The Triangle - The Epilogue
Another Side of the Triangle
(Missing Scenes and What Happened Next for the episode "Triangle")
A Far Cry From Peace
(Missing Scenes and What Happened Next for the episode "The Gift")
May The Thunder Roll
An Offering of Comfort A Misconstrued Statement Counting Stars
One Special Night Silent Night A Dream Fulfilled

Setting the Course

(What Happened In Between for the episode A House Divided)

Out of Boredom Comes Fishing I'm Already There


(A "What If..." Bonanza story)

The Tears of Growing Up...

A Ride In The Sun Survived

(What Happened During/What Happened Next for the episode A Ride in the Sun)



The Safety of a Father's Arms

(based on the episode The Gift)

Tradition at Dawn

The Long Ride from Montpelier

(What Happened In-Between for the episode My Brother's Keeper)


    To Always Hope
To Help A Stranger What Might Have Been To Listen: An Art Worth Learning

Debbie Ann

  The Memory of Mama

The Day After

(What Happened Next after the episode "The Avenger")

A Reason To Give Thanks The Reflection of You In Remembrance...
Ben's New Dilemma A Line Drawn Not My Fault
A Summer Secret Terrors in the Night Ben's Dilemma

Debbie B.

  Celebrating 90 Glorious Years and 430 Episodes of Bonanza! Twiddle Dee, Twiddle Dum
A Stranger in the House Bushwhacked Son, Don't Take Your Guns To Town
You Just Wait and See Left to Die Death Of An Angel
While I Was Away

Baring Souls

(A Continuation of the story "Between Brothers")

Between Brothers
Thoughts - A Story in Six Voices Where Love Once Lived When the Storm Passes
The Green Eyed Monster For All Mothers Thoughts On Being A Father
Easter - It's More'n Bunny Rabbits and Colored Eggs Jingle Bells Too Many Fast Guns

Never Start What You Can't Finish

(sequel to Two Painted Ponies, One Tender Heart)

Two Painted Ponies, One Tender Heart Beating Death's Game
Why Jesus is Better than Santa A Well Too Deep That's How It Felt
How Do You Say Goodbye? Where There's Life, There's Hope Lonely Hearts Passing in the Night

The Dark Side of the Rainbow

(Sequel to "Part of the Rainbow")

Part of the Rainbow Night Callers
Stuck Shared Guilt To Cry In Vain
Whose Child Is This? Happy Birthday, Big Brother Like Father, Like Son
A Letter to Mama on Mother's Day Death Rides a Black Horse A Handful of Faith
Hell or High Water...The Day Will Come Standing on Principles A Better Day Tomorrow
Reflections, Of My Father Sacred Ground A Brother's Love
Ellen, My Love Home Is Where Love Dwells Why Didn't She Love Me?

One More Brother

(A What Happened Next Story for “Credit for A Kill”)

Brothers Til The End Love Is Like A Violin

Life...It's All About Love

(What Happened Next story: The Stallion…with a little Forever tossed in.)

Gun for Hire

Price of Friendship

(A What Happened Next Story: Between Heaven and Earth

A Pa for Toby Tempted to Steal A Reversal of Roles
To Hell and Back In the Name of Love Skeletons Unleashed
A Kiss to Die For

An Arm and A Leg and An Eye for An Eye

(sequel to the story "That Silver-Haired Daddy of Mine)

A Letter From Adam
That Silver-Haired Daddy of Mine A Question of Intent Echoes from the Canyon
Broken Promise The Empty Box A Fistful of Regret
The Time of Day Happy Birthday, Pa The Hangin' Tree
Half of Nothing, All of Everything A Royal Pain How Do I Love Thee?
Through the Valley of the Shadown of Death Adam's Story Little Man, Big Man

From Dreams to Reality

(sequel to Gossamer Dreams)

First Notch Gossamer Dreams
Hollow's Eve Love At Its Best Until He Turns Eighteen
Be Careful What You Wish For! The Last Laugh A Choice to Make
Restitution's Rewards Thicker Than Water Measuring Up
Time Will Tell Big Brother Hoss Heart of Clay
The Last To Go The Detour Home Renewal
Our Secret Love's No Secret Anymore Happy Father's Day, Pa The Final Score
But For The Grace of God Crystal Ball Predictions Settling The Score
A Score to Settle Little Jonah Never Too Old To Learn
Sorry Ain't Enough The Color of Chocolate When Death Comes Callin'
A Poor Man's Roses Between A Rock and A Hard Place If I'm Dreaming, Don't Wake Me

Are You or Aren't You?

(Part 2 of "If I'm Dreaming")

Fight for Life Happy Mother's Day, Pa
Sticks and Stones Tied in Knots One Lucky Man
From Inside One's Own Self Your Name is Joe Sting of Death
The Hunted Questions and Answers Without Malice
Two Hearts, Seventeen Hands Be There A Stranger Among Us? Coming To Terms
Greater Love Hath No Man Seven Times In A Day Silent Heartache
Disenchanted The Whipping To Honor Thy Father
Twenty Years Hard Labor The Sound of His Weeping A Night of Reflections
Back to Reality Love, Oh Love, Oh Careless Love A Tale of Two Feathers

A Winter of Hope

("A Tale of Two Feathers" from the viewpoint of the other Cartwrights)

An Old Acquaintance

(Sequel to "A Tale of Two Feathers")

A Final Goodbye

(A continuation of the story, "A Tale of Two Feathers")

Debbie L.

    Before Christmas
New Orleans Moonlight Aftermath Passages
Given the Circumstances Thoughts While Riding Home at Dusk


(What Happens Next for the episode "Vengeance")

The Desert

(What Happens Next for the episode "The Crucible")


(What Happens Next for the episode "My Brother's Keeper")


Death, Defiance and A Fine Day For A Swim

(A What Happens Next story for the episode "The Julia Bulette Story")


(What Happens Next for "The Tin Badge")



(Sequel to "The Return")

The Return

Debra P.

    To Set It Right
The Moneylender Thrown to the Winds The Sniper and The Healer
The Cry of the Dove Not Such A Stranger Out of the Shadows
Wandering Stars The Tin Cup A Gem Without Price
The Night After "Death at Dawn" Encounter with the Past Three Christmas Cards

Desideratum Collective

    Fathers and Sons


    The Best Laid Scheme?
The Best Medicine The English Rose More than Money
The Better Man? A Summer Affair Taken on Trust
Carried on the Wind The Birth of a Man The Journey to Heartbreak

Treasure From Trigo

(sequel to Trouble in Trigo)

Trouble in Trigo Consequences Unforeseen
A Man's First Duty Out of Mind Days of Discovery


  Covering Up The Right Thing To Do
The Message Feeling Guilty Green Velvet
If You Lie Down with Dogs... Spring Flowers Letting Go
Just a Quick Trip The Company You Keep Spanish Gold
...And He Shall Not Depart From It Cleaning Up A Case of Comeuppance
Relatives and Reasons I Wouldn't Do That... Night Music
In Ten Years The Scent of Deception Kiss and Tell
Standing Watch Lila Jane A Matter of Regret
Seeing an Angel Traces of Sand Letters to Inger
Lucky Eight Wanting Whiskers Water Nymph
Who? Happy Birthday, Hoss! Just At Checkers
Sippin' Whiskey And Sally Lynn Hidden Wings Ben's Boy Adam
By Step, By Half And By Heart What's Keeping Them Now? A Blue Plate Special
Don't Speak of That Love Comes Late Big Ears, Big Fears
Remember the Breaking Tucked Away Deciding Is The Hardest Thing To Do
Girls, Guns and Getting Grown - Story 2 Girls, Guns, and Getting Grown Sally Lynn
Ben's Boys I've Got A Secret

San Francisco Dragons

(Sequel to "Lady Emily's Choice", 5tn story in the Emily series)

The Left-Handed Holster Caught Red-handed Night Ride

The Imp, Some Demons and a Few Short Lists

(Sequel to "Adam and The Imp of Satan")

Fifty Dollars To Escape The Ponderosa
Five Bits

Lady Emily's Choice

(Sequel to "Quest on D Street")

When The Big Man Falls
Shadow Enemy Between First Borns

Quest on D Street

(Sequel to "Tarnished Armor")

Tarnished Armor

(Sequel to "Emily's Sir Eric")

Adam and the Imp of Satan Any Horse You Can Ride, I Can Ride Faster
Emily's Sir Eric Two on the Town To the Victors


  Joe's Way Christmas Comes Early

There'll Never Be Another


Little Joe's Horse


No More Eggs

(What Happens Next: "Caution, Easter Bunny Crossing")



When Sorrows Come

(What Happened Next for "The Crucible")

Hope Springs Eternal

(What Happened In-Between in "The Hopefuls"



Aftermath of a Hanging

(What Happened Instead for The Gamble)

To Kill A Brother
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie A Brother's Heartache First Notch

Emergence from the Shadown

(A Missing Scene from Season 11’s ‘A Darker Shadow’)

More Than A Friend


(A What Happened Next for the episode "First Born")

The Art of Cunning The Question

Wishing On A Star

(A few lost hours from "A Stranger Passed This Way")

A Secret Worth Keeping Making An Effort

The Long Ride Home

(A Missing Scene for the episode "The Quest")

A Note For Santa

A Christmas What Happened Instead for the episode "The Firstborn"

Regrets and Resolutions

A New Year's What Happened Next for the story "A Note For Santa"

Soul Mates
Family Bad News The Whistle

Travesty of Justice

(What Happened Next for "The Quality of Mercy")

Never Say Never

(Sequel to Playing Soldiers)

Playing Soldiers
Dead on Time Lost Brother Seasons

Reflections Under a Starry Sky

(A combined What Happens Next for "Decision at Los Roblos" and "The Legacy")

If Only...


(A personal perspective on What Happened Next for "My Brother's Keeper")

Marie's Boys

(What Happens Next for the episode "The Storm")

The Meadow

A Change of Direction

(What Happened Next for the episode "The Code")

The Pain Goes On and On... The Gambler and The Cowboy


Truth Be Told Second Sight Heart & Home


Random Acts Night Sounds Payment Due
Redemption Options Perchance to Dream
A Quiet Storm Premonition Small Gifts
And Hell Rode With Him Seeing Old Friends Delusions
Good-byes Lost and Found The Protector
A Tree for Maggie First Dance Unseen Link
The Trust The Same Coin Among the Bones of My Ancestors
Reflected Images What's Right Laugh in the Dark


  One Bullet A Close Shave
For The Soul Is Dead That Slumbers Tumbleweed Viva la Brothers!
(sequel to "The Game")
The Game Hollow
The Dime Novel Rescue Series Just a Poker Game Loser Take All
Devil's Dust The Daring Young Man On The Flying Trapeze The Fire Inside
A Little Disagreement The Dawson Gang Haunted
O Come, O Come, Emmanuel The Night Before Christmas
Big Brothers, Big Sisters and Moving Mountains
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother The Wolf in the Wind Letter of the Law
Something So Savage Pandora's Sisters Chasing Time
Bedeviled Kings Over Aces Shadows
Ten Little Indians Prey The Grizzly and God's Hands
Ruby Lips and White Satin And This Gives Life to Thee QiXi
A Ballad of Brothers: Opus Hold On A Son For A Son

The Giggly Sisters

    Be Prepared
Kidnapping The Brothers Christmas is Coming Just What You Always Wanted
Thanksgiving Bloomers and Corsets? Bonanza - An Intermediate Guide to the Series
Trick or Treat Hanging Around Maims and Mayhem
A Gynecological Disaster Waste Not, Want Not A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
The Ranch House Who Spake by the Prophet The Party
The Patriarch of the Ponderosa A Stitch in Time The Horses
A Spoof for Stephen Spring Forward In a Manner of Speaking
The Never-Ending Song Reading, Writing and Reeling This Sporting Life
A Little Night Music Picture This Confusion
I Beg Your Pardon Musical Chairs The Mystery of the Room Behind the Stairs
Muffins and Moustaches in the Morning Whatever Happened to the Lovely Mothers? Is This A Fireplace I See Before Me?
Mirror, Mirror... If You Want To Get Ahead... Home Thoughts
Help Wanted It's a Serious Business, Being Funny Dressing for Success
From The Horses' Mouth Changing Rooms Doctor Martin's Casebook
An Apple a Day An Indoor Bathroom All About Adam
Just Another Unfortunate Accident A Trip To Town Many Heads Make Light Work


Remnants of the Past

(A Modern Cartwrights story co-written with Robin)

A Passing Stranger

(A Modern Cartwrights story co-written with Robin)

Substitutes in the Cemetery

The White One

(My version of "The Gift")

Ghost Wagons
Fire Wind The Dragon's Roar The Noose

Echo of Hoof Beats

(A What Happened Before story for "The Mill")


(co-written with Robin)

Un Temps Différent, un Endroit Different

(A different view of the episode "The Julia Bulette Story")

Double Take Legend of the Grizzly

Echoes of Twilight

(A "What Happened Next" for the episode "Twilight Town")

Light Up The Winter Darkness

(co-written with Robin)


(What transpired between Ben and Adam in the episode "My Brother's Keeper")

The Search

(What happened next for the episode "The Stranger")


    Joseph Cartwright's Vacation


    The Contract


    The Most Beautiful Poem
The Long Picnic Cold Harbor Half A Man
Geneva The True Character of a Man Doing The Right Thing


  Measure of a Man The Youngest



Bonanza's On

(An Ode to Christmas)

A Day in the Life Shirtless Joe
Prelude Night Trilogy The Guardian


Waiting To Sleep For the Sake of a Son Responsibility
No Regrets To Lose A Son

Honesty and Lessons Learned

(sequel to "First Snow")

First Snow Thanks, Brother!

Inside the Mine

(companion piece to "A Man Alone")

A Man Alone Lost at Sea A String of Bad Luck
The Intruders The Fever Ambush



The Escape: Journey Back To Boston

(Sequel to "College Years")

College Years


  A Christmas Story Promises To Keep
No Regrets Wings of Eagles A Stake in the Future
Lucy In God's Hands Too Young To Die: The Sequel
A House Divided
(What Happened Instead for the episode "A House Divided")
Too Young To Die
(What Happened Next for the episode "Justice")
Fables or Truths
The Journal The Grand Prize Mule's Crossing


A Lesson in Vocabulary Family Gypsy
Winter Break Blood Brothers You Gotta Have Heart
Inner Conflict The Golden Rule Silver Lining
The Fastest Growing Pains Small Kindnesses
 Ponderosa Christmas The Christmas Gift Christmas Spirit


  A Father's Prerogative

The Telling

(What Happened Next for the episode The Crucible)

Settling the Score Just Plain Lucky The Keepsake


Gypsy Curses Jeb Carter's Ghost Mirror Image


(What Happened Next for The Julia Bulette Story)



    The Way It Wasn't


    The Way Things Are

K. K. Shaulis

Not So Earyl One Mornign Omniscient, Omnipotent, Impotent? Power of the Pen(cil)
Snake Bit Magical Mistletoe Shirt Tale
Sorehead Winner Fixing Joe Not So Fine Print
Hop Sing's Twig Flight of Fancy Snow on the Roof
A Friend Indeed One of a Kind A Burning Desire
Cattle Call Simple as Pie The Wrong Side of the Law
Good to the Last Drop-Seat? Broken Promises Words of Wisdom
Happy New Year of the Goat, Pa! The Dang Fool Woman and the Impossible Man Adam Imitations


Thoughts Poltergeist Where Angels Fear To Tread
Cinnamon Rose Bloodlines The Guardian



Alias Adam Cartwright

(What Happened Next for the episode "Alias Joe Cartwright")

A Fitting Goodbye

Circumstances Beyond Our Control

(A "missing scene" from the episode "A Matter of Circumstances")

Grief Written Across A Celadon Sky

(A "missing scene" from the episode "The Stillness Within")


    The House That Adam Built

A Good Day for a Hanging

(What Happened Before for the episode "The Avenger")

To Have and To Hold...Memories The Bronco Buster
Rainbow Hitting the Barn Door Candy Canady - His Story
Deathly Laughter

A Lesson from Miss Jones

(A "Missing Scene" from the episode The Ride)

A Torn Shirt
Cry Me A River Beyond Shadows

At A Time Like This...

(Missing Scenes from the episode "The Avenger")


(What Happened Next for the episode "She Walks in Beauty")

Miss McCready Reports Checkmate
The Past, The Present and The Future A Moment in the Life of Me... The Love of His Life
For the Sake of a Name All On His Own... Ben...Stepping Stones
After Ash Hollow Inger Box Canyon
When Help Was Needed... My Name Is Dorcas Winter
Frogs, Books and Sticky Things Amen and Amen Held Up By A Hold Up
Pain On A Wedding Day A World Upside Down
The Ravine Veroon The Story of a Gentle Man
The Outlaws The Choice A Journey to Death
Shades of War The Widow The Sword of Damocles
Touched by An Angel Kane's Legacy Some Kind of Man
And Amen To All That Dearly Beloved Loved and Lost
Mea Culpa The Man in the Middle The Man Cub

Linda B.

    The Sins of the Fathers
A Little Red Wagon Dearly Beloved Birthday Gift
The Price You Pay Farewell Forever, My Brother Autumn Storm

Linda J.

    A Stranger's Warning
Out of Control Troubled Past Blind Man's Bluff

Linda V.

  For A Fistful Of Dollars Oh, Bull!
Necessity is the Mother of Invention Child in the Middle Buried Alive!!!

Lisa M.



(co-written with Corinna)

The Cost of Being Right The Deputy Not My Son


(What Happened During and Next for the episode Amigo)

Safeguard The Spick-and-Spanniest Room in the West
The Yellow-Haired Angel See You in the Morning Firewater
Renegade Star Suffer the Children Forged By Fire
Unknown Fate The SJS Emergence of a Man


  Too Stubborn The Henry Rifle
Because Branded and Shod Someone To Care For Use
You See, It Was Like This... The Cow Hoss' Secret

Lobo C.

Forgive Me

Dreams of the Past

To Honor

The Haunted






Revenge Deadline

The Race

Knights Out West At Loggerheads  


  Home for Christmas Always and Forever Be
To Become A Man Anything for Family Vengeance
To Remember Always An Unforgettable Son A Long Way From Home

Mary Chris Landon Cartwright


Morgan's Crest

Darkness Falls The Embers of the Day Echoes of War

Nancy T.


Grief's Hold

(A What Happened Next Story for The Storm)

The Crystal Snowflake


Broken Chords

(What Happened Next for Woman of Fire)

Troll the Ancient Yuletide Carol Fools Gold


(A scene from the episode "Forever")

When the Dawn Seemed Forever Lost Christmas Traditions
Negotiation Strategies


(What Happened In Between for the episode "Death at Dawn")

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
Pins and Needles The Echo of a Heartbeat Ennui
Dead Man's Hand A Sure-Fire Plan No Regrets
Practice Makes Perfect Wisdom Comes With Age

No More Games

(A scene from the episode "The Crucible")

A Woman Cloaked in Scandal

(A missing scene from the episode "She Walks in Beauty")

Upholding The Family Pride

(What Happened Next For the Episode "The Ride")

Passing Time and Popcorn

Seeds of Doubt

(What Happened In Between for "The Lawmaker")

No More Security

(What Happened Next for "The Hayburner")

Under Mesmer's Spell
Baby's Breath Fraternity The Battle Of Wills Begins

Their First Noel

(A continuation of "The Battle Of Wills)

A Hatful of Guilt

(A What Happened Instead for the episode "No Less A Man")

The History Essay
I Won't Be Spoiled No More Love's Labor A New Year, A New Resolution

Ponderosa Pachyderm

(A What Happened Next for the episode "Old Sheba")

To Wake A Sleeping Beauty A Mouthful of Regret


  A Love Lost  


  The Birthday Gift A Light in the Darkness
The Fire and the Night Shelter The Birthday Wish

Puchi Ann

Le Reveillon Pantalettes and Kisses and Passionate Misses The Christmas Gift

A Stranger Came To Stay
(A What Happened Instead for "A Stranger Passed This Way")

To Set The Captives Free On The Hunt For Brotherhood
Let's Try That Again A Holiday Homicide Blueberry Burglary
Cougar Kill East, West: Home's Best - The Easterner A Near-Perfect Courtship
Dear Santa, 1861 Dear Santa, 1860 Dear Santa, 1859
Damsels In Distress Forty-Five Minutes On C Street

Water For A Burning Soul

(Follow up to the story "A Brother's Torment)

A Brother's Torment

(What Happened Next for the episode "The Crucible")

Here In The West Follow The Star

Crossing the Rubicon...Again

(What Happened Next for "The Tin Badge")

School of the Dancing Dolphin

Early Christmas Morning


Showdown at the Bar of Justice

(What Happened Next for the episode "Showdown")

My Brother's Keeper

(What Happened Instead)

All in a Day's Work - A Trilogy
The Power of Words On Edge It's A Bonanza-ful Life
Fred: A Turkey's Tale Santa's Little Helper We'll Be Home for Christmas
The Final Bequest Be My Valentine The Daring Deeds of the Dead Eye Kid
Never Alone Solitary Witness Centennial

Robin's REALLY Lost Episodes

  Belated Holiday Greetings in a Letter From Joe Autumn on the Ponderosa
Return to East Gate The Cartwright Figure Skating Challenge The Magician and the Pirate
Twins...Separated At Birth The Love Paddle Boat Clouds
Adam Discovers Secrets Stubby Smith and Duffy Duff Back from Back East
Kilt While Traveling A Bittersweet Memory of Two Pink Snowballs The Golden Girls Bonanza Extravaganza
...And on the Seventh Day

Adam's Memoirs: Chapter 111

Pa Teaches Me To Be a Man of Few Words

Adam's Memoirs: Chapter 1125

Educating My Brothers Was Never Easy

Adam's Memoirs: Chapter 27

How I Got a Lifelong Reputation for Being a Hard Worker or How Little Joe Learned to Iron Sheets

Yes, Virginia, There is A Cartwright Family

The Reward
The Golden Saloon A Moving Tale Three Blind Tales
Kane's Bidet A Peep Came This Way The Green Jello Mold
Beyond Looney The Chickens

Things You'll Never Hear in a Western Movie

The Third Fondue Tale: Heidi

Head Examining on the High Sierra!

Martha Stewart on Bonanza

A REALLY Lost Blank Verse

Tale of a Cougar and Death

Goat Cheese on the Comstock

Bonanza Carol

Ben Raised His Boys RIGHT

Adam's Memoirs: Visiting Dustville Junction

Adam's Memoirs: Sailors, Lily and The Gold Thief

Adam's Memoirs: Getting Lucky with Mary

Adam's Memoirs: The Early Years

Cooking with Steamy Julia

The Cafe Scene

S*x Scenes

Commitment at Charlie's Angelus

The Return of Old Sheba

The Olympic Inheritance

The First Born Returns

The NEXT Big Bonanza

Men in Black/Men in Jail

When the Moon Hits Your Eye Like A Big Ponderosa Pizza Pie

My Sons, My Sons, My Sons

Bath Water

Death Star

Watching "The Ponderosa"

My Son, My Son, My Cancelled Wedding

Homing Pigeons

Knowing Isn't Everything

The Tiger Puzzle

In Memorial to Borelli

(WHN for "The Deadliest Game")

Missing Adam

Marie My Fondue

Fondue Too

(Sequel to Marie My Fondue)

Longjohns, Nightwear, Panty Hose on the Ponderosa: A Christmas Tale

Houston, We have a Problem on the Ponderosa

Desert Wallets

Shanklin: The Unedited Version

Camp Fire Tales

Buck and Matt

The Dead Mule Story

Brady Bonanza

Strong, Yet Sensitive on the Comstock

Robin's Stories

    Just Two Friends

Remnants of the Past

(A Modern Cartwrights story co-written with Ginny)

A Passing Stranger

(A Modern Cartwrights story co-written with Ginny)

Defying Logic
The Legend Like Her Own A Moment Just Before Dark
The Line Shack It All Started With A Haircut A Quarter's Worth of Glory: Joe In The Machine


(co-written with Ginny)

He Was Brave That Day Ben and Miss Barbara
Neked Woman Before Bedtime Too Before Bedtime
Bed Time

Light Up The Winter Darkness

(co-written with Ginny)

Sins of the Father, Sins of the Sons

(A continuation of The Cherry Tree Saga)


(sequel to A Battle of Wills and The Cherry Tree Saga)


A Battle of Wills

(sequel to The Cherry Tree Saga)

The Cherry Tree Saga

Rocker H.

The Man the Boy Becomes To the Edge and Back  


  Five Sundowns - What Happened Next The Great Truckee Flood
Winter At Tahoe The Quick and The Dead Dark House
An Innocent Man Memory Lane Let's Kill Timothy
Easter Touch Not The Cat

Bullet For A Bride

(An Alternative Ending)

Hunting for Hidden Gold

Breed of Violence

(What Happened In-Between)

For All That Wishes May Be Worth...
Contagion Stranger Things

A Stranger Passed This Way


A Time to Step Down

(An Alternative Ending)

Measure of a Man Deliverance

Gideon the Good

(A What Happened In-Between and What Happened Next story)

The Last Straw

(What Happened In-Between in "Tommy")

How Do I Love Thee?
Lost Progress?

The Rattlesnake Brigade

(The way it should have been)

Milestones Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged The Hotel
Desperate Times No Way Out Tears of Sorrow, Tears of Joy

Another Mountain to Climb

(What Happened Next for "Between Heaven and Earth")

Deeds of the Past To Sit in Darkness

The Sixth Candle

(What Happened Next for the episode "Five Candles")

Whenever You're In Trouble The Timber Contract

Resolution from Despair

(What Happened Next for the episode "Shanklin")


Found Love

(What Happened Next for the episode "Found Child")

Leaving When Love and Hate Collide Sitting Wolf

Death Withheld

(An alternative look at the episode "Death at Dawn")

The Luck of the Draw Wrapped in Wild Snow
When A Child Is Born Entertaining Angels The Journey

Sunshine and Shadows

(What Happened Next for the episode "Shining in Spain")

The Sound of Silence
The Balance of His Mind Guilty! Chains and Slavery

Testament of Friendship

(What Happened Next in "False Witness")

Good Samaritan My Kingdom for A Horse
A Fresh Start In Loving Memory At All Costs
Into The Darkness Areas of Expertise Power of Love
Stocking Up To Be A Cartwright Believe in Me

Faith to Believe

(continuation of "Believe in Me")

By The Lake That Was The Week...


(What Happened Next for the episode The Trap)

Flames To Steal A Son
Behind the Picture Beauty Is The Lover's Gift

A Long Shadow

(What Happened Next for the episode "Emily")

Dedimus Tot Pignora Fatis

(Hostages To The Fates)

The First Duty Doing What Had To Be Done
Silence in the Storm Grief Moving On

(“Missing” scenes for the episode A Time To Step Down)

His Prey

(What Happened Next for 'The Hunter')

The Final Sacrifice A Delusion, A Mockery and A Snare
Envy and Revenge Envy, Hatred and Malice Betrothed, Betrayed and Betrayer
Sold! Protective Urges The Course of True Love...
Brothers Singled Out Fear
Against His Will

Barbarous Revenge

(What Happened Next for the episode "The Last Haircut")

A Woman Scorned
Christmas Surprise Coming Home for Christmas The 12 Days of Christmas
Trust The Medicine Hat Horse The Stand-Off
The Breaking Game A Different Kind of Vengeance Wagon Train to Hell
Days of Our Glory Mistaken Identity The Worst That Could Happen

In Silence and Tears

(What Happened Next in the episode "First Born")

Wolf in the Fold Affinity
Toil and Trouble Waterlogged Only Skin Deep
The Fourth Son


(A "missing" scene from the episode

 A Far, Far Better Thing)

With This Ring
In Sickness and In Health Learning A Lesson Alone
Jock Shotgun Wedding Homecoming

Witch Hunt

(Sequel to "The Witches Coven")

Loss of Innocence

The Last Viking

(what happened before the ending scene)

Protective Custody Too Much Love Will Kill You Never A Harsh Word

Last Chance

(A What Happened Next for Second Chance)

Whatever It Takes The Line Shack Trip
Friends Indeed? Jennie Obeying Orders
God So Loved The World

Into The Present

("what happened next" in the episode The Gift)


The Deadly Ones

(A "re-write" of the episode of the same name)

Unwilling Accomplice Blind Man's Bluff

Ex Corde Caritas

(Love From the Heart)

(What Happened Next for "My Brother's Keeper)

An Eye for An Eye

(What Happened Next for "The Quest")

Tangled Loyalties
Growing Up The Rustlers Gold Rush
A Winter's Tale Little Boy Lost The Smoke in the Sky
Showdown - What Happened Next Taken The Night Before Christmas
To Love Again Learning Curve The Stuff of Nightmares
Amidst the Winter Snow Triumph over Adversity Suspicion
A Sacrifice of Love From Ghoulies and Ghosties The Witches Coven
Mind Games A Blank Space Malice
Hate and Fear Better Left Unsaid The Godfather
Susie Worth Fighting For? The Deadliest Sins
Love Story Tug of Love For the Love of a Horse


(What Happened Next for the episode "First Born")

Stranger In Our Midst

(A prequel to the story "Payback Time")

Payback Time
The Church Social The Mustang The Christmas Payroll


  A Little Legend, A Little Truth, A Little Christmas Magic The Last Dance

Sandy W

Betwixt & Between Always & Forever Lessons Learned
The Buck My Quiet Girl The Great Divide

Sarah Vita

  August Moon Forever


I'll Never Love Again

Sweet Revenge

(Sequel to "Laying Tracks")

Laying Tracks


The Steak The Joke Emily - What Happened Next, The Aftermath
Williams Station Williams Station - The Epilogue


(Part 1 of a three-part series)


(Part 2 of a three-part series)

Rocky Mountain Oysters

(Part 3 of a three-part series)

Brothers Forever
The Journey Spell of Man Elizabethtown


  A Ponderosa Christmas The Wonder of Christmas Magic


Beyond Clear Sight Frederick Kyle's Return
(A What Happened Next story for the episode "A House Divided")
Finding Peace

Sue H.


Stop Crying Your Heart Out

(What Happened Next for the episode "The Truckee Strip")

Christmas Comes But Once A Year


The Runaway Bride Loved and Lost The Visitor

Second Chances

(What Happened Next for the episode "Second Chance")

The House on Watson's Hill The Prodigal
The Letter of the Law Emily - The Missing Scenes The Healing Touch
Sweeter than Wine Deluge Bushwhacked - The Missing Scenes

A Matter of Circumstances Continued

(A What Happened Next story)

The Dark Cloud The Mission
Timber Camp One Night in Bear River Survival
A Wanted Man The Fastest Gun Night Train
The Abduction Rim Rock Station The Long Ride To Home
Cougar The Gold Wagon The Dead Hole
A Long Way To Home The Darkness Blood Is Thicker Than Water
The Hideaway Plague To Live Free

Revenge of The Smiler

(based on the episode "The Smiler")

Between Heaven and Earth - The Aftermath

(A What Happened Next Story)

After "The Last Viking"

(A What Happened Next Story)

Sweet Annie The Full Moon Someone To Watch Over Me
A Friend in Need Dead Man's Canyon The Cartwright Name
The Good Samaritan The Ghost of Christmas Past The Golden Fleece
The Paiute Necklace I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen The Butterfly
Treasure Luck of the Day The Fourth Wife
Legacy from New Orleans Ghost Town Spanish Gold
The Snipe Hunt Prisoner Black Stallion
San Francisco Blizzard The Deadliest Disease
The Hand of Fate Hero Lady in Blue
Lost Son

The Guardian

(sequel to Lost Son)

Sins of the Father
Night Stalker No Greater Love Nothing but the Truth
Paying the Price Precious Possessions The Price of Friendship
Promises to Keep To Be or Not to Be A Man Named Jacob
Arizona Trail Ghost Chief Christmas Wish
Creatures Stirring A Matter of Honor Desperate Ride


A New Understanding

(What Happened Next for the episode "First Born")

Birds and Bees Learning to Live With Yourself
Checkmate Forever Friends Gone Fishing
Everyone Cries Sometime One For All and All For One Where There's Life, There's Hope
A Birthday Surprise Losing Control A Father's Duty
When Fate Decrees? Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave Humble Pie
Paradise Lost Lost Loves - Gone But Not Forgotten The Survival Instinct
Marriage Customs What's in a Name The Resilience of Youth
A Little Piece of Heaven The Alternative Nativity Story Betrayal
Did They Ever? Looking Death in the Face The Fairness of Life
Play Before Bedtime To Become A Man Home is Where the Heart Is
The Shooting The Best Days of Our Lives The Greatest Love of All
A 'Special' Child Boy to Man to Boy The Loss of A Child


  Dangerous Trespass A Pair of Golden Earrings
Stop The Press!!

Romancing Adam

(Japanese Haiku poems)

Three Short Stories
Dancing Moon The Illegitimate Son The Unforgiving Past


  Lessons Learned Adam's Angel

Virginia Slim

  Stuff and Botheration Friday Night and Saturday Morning
The Stubbornest Man in Nevada Little Joe and The High Moral Ground Precious Maturity


Pa's Best Man A Portrait of His Mother For The Love of Family
The One That Wouldn't Get Away Wake-Up Call Once Upon a Ponderosa Night Dreary
A Big Mess At The Line Shack Lost in the Woods
All In a Day's Work Just a Bit of Poetry Summer Storm


  The Christmas Wish  


  Always My Heart  


  The High Trail  


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