The Big Valley

All the stories on this page are about the Barkley family of The Big Valley. Some are funny, some sad, but all are outstanding. We are proud to present them for your enjoyment and reading pleasure.



  Little Gal and the Boy A Missing Part


  Forty Rifles More Walking in His Boots


  Father, Forgiveness And Finding The Way  


    The Lost Treasure
Silence Yawning

Tribute to the Indestructible Heath



  Mistaken Identity  


  Stolen Legacy Twice Welcome


The Gift Good Night, My Sweets - Pleasant Dreams Title Story


  A Brother in Need  


    Little Lady, Big Trouble
Turned In Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow In My Brother's Eyes
A Cry of Innocence

The Road Home

(sequel to A Cry of Innocence)


(sequel to The Road Home)


Treasures Revealed

(Missing scene from the episode Lost Treasure)

Heart Filled with Joy

The Unicorn and the Lady

(Missing Scene from the episode Plunder)

Bonds of Steel

(Missing scene from the episode The Iron Box)

My Brother, the Lawyer

(Missing scene from the episode The Murdered Party)

The Orphan and the Cowboy

Legacy of a Family 

(Missing scene from the episode Legend of A General)

A Place to Call Home

 Power of a Mother's Love

(Missing scene from the episode By Force and Violence)



Of Glory

(based on episode "Palms of Glory")

Forty Rifles Less

(an alternative ending for the episode "Forty Rifles")


Point and Counterpoint

(Missing Scene)

My Son, My Son

(The Missing Bedroom Scenes)

Joshua Watson

(Getting Home - Missing Scenes)

Mrs. Nick B.

    A Wonderful Father
Legacy Number 370 Heath's Heart


    You Must Learn to Trust
The Missing Part of My Heart Remember that I Love You Into the Father's Arms
Forgiven Not Quite Strangers No Greater Loyalty



When the Hands Come to Harvest


Epitaph Fear No Evil Iron Box
Promised Land Promises Suzie
The Barkleys Words Lost and Found


Flowers from the Garden Buried Treasure No Child Left Behind
Bitten! Eugene's Homecoming Wanted!

Best Friends


Heath's Hair Lament


Ode to Tom


Nick, Do Snipes Have Tails? Riches

A Light in the East


Thoughts of Brotherhood



The Last Journey to Strawberry
What's for Supper? Nick's Fish Tale

The Journey


Along Came A Spider My Dearest Beth Eagles Soar


    Family Bond


    The Gunfighter
The Witness Double Trouble A Test of Courage
Grace Will Lead Me Home Trouble Always Strikes Twice By Any Other Name, My Brother
A Ghost Story Clandestine Houseguest Discovery


    Night of the Tortoise
Going Home Halloween Fun Friendship

Vickie G.

  A Dark and Stormy Tale A Thanksgiving Tale
The Belated Gift The Belated Gift - Heath's Reaction Needed Retreat

Wild West Chick

    A Good Walk Spoiled
A Pot of Gold Hero of Pinewood The Man From Stockton


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