The day-to-day activities of fire and rescue in a Los Angeles County fire station is what this show is all about. Much of the action centers around firemen-paramedics Johnny Gage and Roy DeSoto and their interaction with the medical professionals at Rampart General Hospital, Doctors Kelly Brackett and Joe Early and Nurse Dixie McCall.  It's an intriguing look at life in Fire Station 51, and these stories are not to be missed!


  A Brother's Watch A Partner in Trouble
Enough is Enough A Lot to be Thankful For Helping Out
Journey to Uncertainty Killing Time

Rapid Descent

(co-authored with Whisper)

The Quiet Room One of a Kind Party Cap's Long Day
Belle of the Ball Christmas Is for Family Station 51 Evaluation
Halloween Carnival It's Only One Night With A Little Help From My Friends
A Father's Nightmare A 4th to Remember You Just Never Know...



(A Sequel to the story "Hook, Line and Sinker!")

Hook, Line and Sinker!

Life Comes

(Epilogue to the episode "Brush Fire")

Friend in Need; Friend Indeed Redefined


A Sense of Duty The Great Christmas Earthquake Into the Lion's Den
The House Getting Away With It That Was A Really Bad Day!
The First Amendment Wildfire Attacked!
The Consequences of Falling Hostages Above and Beyond
Ambulance Chasers Snakebite Thoughts Cowboy up

Peace Pipe

(An Alternative Ending)


(What Happens Next)

Make Yourself At Home

(sequel to "When Johnny Met Joanne")

When Johnny Met Joanne

Fair Fight

(An Alternative Ending)

Grin and Bear It

The One You Least Expect

Sea of Heartbreak

Survival on Charter #220
The Steel Inferno Tee-Vee Claiming the Moral High Ground
It's A...What? If I Only Had A Helmet... The Mother-In-Law
A Deadly Dance Helpless Stranded


    Taking Chances

Sarah Vita

Caring What's At Stake? Merry Christmas, Johnny!

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