Running a stagecoach relay station just outside of the town of Laramie, Wyoming is not an easy task, but Slim Sherman and his friend Jess Harper find a way to make it work, despite having to deal with outlaws, Indians and a variety of stagecoach passengers with their own problems. The stories on this page relate the adventures of Slim and Jess and their friends as they help keep the Overland Stage running in the days of the Old West.


Betty Sue

To Win a War One Dark and Story Night
The Measure of a Mother The Little Christmas What Matters Most


Bonnie Jean Armstrong A Wee Story for Hogmanay All Souls Night
Don't Look To Me For Absolution, Jess Ignores Fear and Laughs at Danger Mirror of the Soul
Loyal To A Fault The Long Dark Veil Love and Lost

The Hard Ride

(sequel to "Abandoned")


(sequel to "Renegade")



Memories Pride Goeth Before the Fall The Lady on the Mount

Helen C.

Dependence Atonement Waiting For The Storm To Break


The Pickle Story The Suit

Maria Luisa

Two Miserable Weeks Name Less Fears What Happens When A Man Forgets His Hat?

Patty W.

The New Housekeepers The Fortune Teller's Daughter Ghost Horse
Daisy's Boys The Visitor The Journey
The New Sheriff The Secret Admirer Christmas Thoughts from the Porch
Thanksgiving The Eye of the Storm

Snow Bird's Last Race
(Sequel to Snow Bird Saves the Day!)

Snow Bird Saves the Day! Reflections from a Sickbed Sweet Charity
The Birthday To Hell and Back Mike's Story
The Road to Albuquerque The Spirit of Christmas Daisy's Dilemma
Lost! Blackmail Is A Dirty Word Blood Brothers
Baby Love! Tough Choices Home For Christmas
The Inheritance Reprisal The Runaway
An Exchange


(Jess' story)

Loved, Lost, Survived

(The Irish Girl)


A Song Unsung


(What Happened Next for the episode "Duel at Parkinson Town")


(Missing scene from the episode "The Stranger")


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