All the stories on this page are about the attempts of Murdoch Lancer and his two newly-found sons, Johnny and Scott, to protect the Lancer Ranch in California's San Joaquin Valley during the turbulent 1870's. See if you don't agree with us that these stories are outstanding!




Desert Nightmares

Midnight Questions

Blue Eyes


A Time to Play

d.b. brisbin

Five Times A Failure Johnny's First New Year's Eve

Johnny's First New Year's Day

(sequel to "Johnny's First New Year's Eve")

Peace on Earth Goodwill Towards Men Winter Reflections
Kiss Haunted Rainy Times
Springtime at Lancer Murdoch's Diary


  A Father's Revenge A Brief Reunion
A Brother's Choice

Painful Remembering

(sequel to "Wasted Years")

Third Time Unlucky

Hidden Treasures

(A possible What Happened In Between for "The Homecoming/High Riders")

Retribution Wasted Years

The Promise

A What Happened Next For The Buscaderos

A Lancer Standoff First Contact



Through the Eyes of a Father

(A missing scene for "The High Riders")

A Family Reunited

Coming Home


The Ride

Linda B.

Vengeance Is Mine

Broken Promises

Someone To Watch Over Me



Time Well Spent

(What Happened Next for the episode "Chase A Wild Horse")

Through the Eyes of Fate 2


Through the Eyes of Fate


In Dreams


Something To Get Used To... Nothing Good...

The Much Maligned

(A follow on of sorts to "Fictems")

Blood Is... Questions and Answers
One Little Word Fictems

From Darkness Into Light


Anniversary Moonlit Musings First Night

Molly and Con

  The Empty Years

Turning Point


  See How It Looks Depends On Where You Stand
Quien Puede Saber? (Who Can Know?) Johnny and the Guardian Angel Always Buy The Best


The Hat

A Misunderstanding Between Brothers

(What Happened Next for the episode "Legacy")

Mirror Images


Barren Victory What Happened Next (The Pilot) Covenant


Home for Christmas! Homecoming A Brother's Love

Vickie G.
    So What, Another Birthday

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