NCIS: Los Angles

This TV series depicts the Office of Special Projects division of the U.S. Navy Criminal Investigative Service, which is headquartered in Los Angeles. Agents Callan, Sam Hanna, Kensi Blye, and Marty Deeks go undercover as well as work with the most advanced technologies available to find criminals who are a threat both to the Navy and to national security. The team is led by the inscrutable Hetty Lange and ably assisted by their "computer geeks" Eric Beal and Nell Jones. Read about the adventures of this modern-day crime-fighting team as they take on the "bad guys"  while sorting through their own personal relationships.

Let's Dance by Claire

Boys Keep Swinging by Claire

In The Event of My Death by Claire

Just My Heart Talking by Claire

(sequel to the three stories below)

Former Glory by Claire

(continuation of the stories "A Little Less Conversation" and "Personal Questions")

A Little Less Conversation by Claire

(sequel to "Personal Questions")

Personal Questions by Claire


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