General Rules and Guidelines

Welcome to our Rules and Guidelines for story submissions. We will accept fiction, non-fiction, fanfic, poetry, prose, and just about anything else. Listed below are a few rules and policies, however, which are subject to change without prior notification. Contributions must follow our guidelines. If anything is unclear or if you are not sure whether a story meets our guidelines, please contact us! 

To submit a your work to The Women Writers Block, send it via email to Cheaux at  We prefer to receive your submission as an attachment in Word format, but we can work with submissions in almost any format.


No plagiarized works will be accepted.  If we discover something to be plagiarized, we will remove the story and all other stories by the same writer.

General Rules

1.   Due to space limitations on our server, we cannot post novels-length stories. Submissions should not exceed 50,000 words. We will be happy to post information on how a reader can contact an author to obtain a longer story or can access another website where such a story is posted.

2.  Each story must be able to stand alone as a complete entity, with a beginning, middle, and end. Stories which are "a work in progress" or "to be continued" will not be posted until they are complete.

3.  Authors should use complete sentences, proper grammar, and proper syntax whenever possible.  

4.  Authors should try not to use excessive colloquial "voice" in their dialog.  Many of our visitors are International, and they have enough trouble with English.  

5.  We want to present all stories in a professional and understandable style. All stories will be checked for spelling, punctuation and grammar (U.S. English) and corrected where needed before being posted.

6.  No alternate universe, slash, porn, or other inappropriate situations allowed. Stories which contain excessive violence or graphic sexual descriptions will not be accepted. This is a family site!

7.  Preferred format: Single-space all paragraphs, double-space between paragraphs, and left-block everything. Please use 10 asterisks (**********) to separate scenes, and please center them in your text.  

Fanfic Guide

The Women Writers Block posts stories which showcase the various aspects of our favorite series that endeared them to viewers. While we don't wish to stifle anyone's creativity, we do ask authors to follow our rules for fanfic:   

1.  Stay in character. Every character was created by someone else, and no one has the right to radically change a character's personality, traits, strengths, flaws, fears, etc. (See note below on sequels and prequels.)

2.  Do not kill off a main character. Stories about the death of a main character will not be accepted unless the event was part of the canon of the show.

3.  You cannot add a new character and keep him/her as a permanent part of the cast. If you add a new character, you must resolve his or her role (e.g. have the character leave or die) before ending your story. Spouses, children or other characters who were not part of the original series must "depart the scene" by the end of the story.

4.  Stick to the established timeline and locale.

NOTE:  A word about sequels and prequels:  If you wish to explore what happens after the traditional storyline, we would be delighted to read it. If we feel it veers too far off track, we will not accept it, or we may ask that you revise it. Prequels (stories about characters before the timeline of the series) are acceptable as long as the storyline dovetails with the basic premise of the series.

If you're not sure whether a story meets the guidelines, please feel free to submit it for our review. Our guidelines are designed to help authors produce stories which our readers seem to enjoy most, but we will consider exceptions.


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