WWB authors are a diverse group of women with varied interests and fandom specialties, and our Library is a central site for us to share our stories with you.  Our stories span from Western fan fiction to mythology, crime drama, science-fiction, non-fiction, humor, and poetry.  Please read to your heart's content. If you like what you read, be courteous and let the author know.  It's easy to do, since there is a direct email link to the author on each story and on her homepage. 


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Since our site is very large, and our writers enjoy a wide variety of fanfic realms, we have established a Directory of stories to make it easy for you to go where you want in our website to find stories written about a particular series or subject.


No plagiarized works will be accepted on this site.  If any story is found to be plagiarized, paraphrased or stolen, it, along with any other stories by the same author, will be removed from the site.

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