Theresa displays her wide range of interests and writing skills in stories about a number of different TV series. Visit the old west, a world of science fiction, or with two LA cops through her stories. Wherever you go, you’ll enjoy yourself. Please let Theresa know how much you like her stories!


Barren Victory

High Riders / The Homecoming
(A What Happened Next story)

The Covenant


A Song Unsung

(What Happened Next for the episode “Duel at Parkinson Town”)

(Missing Scene from the episode “The Stranger”)

Planet of the Apes

Scattered Remains

Starsky & Hutch

Once Upon A Time

The Tour

A Time to Grow

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Who’ll Stop the Rain?


The Prince of Urarty
(What Happened Next for the episode “The Mummy”)

Command Decision
(Missing Scene for “A Day of Evil”)


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