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Welcome to our new home on the Internet! The Women Writers Block is a place for women to post their writing -- fanfic, poems, and non-fiction stories. We invite you to visit our Library to learn which authors have posted new stories or poems over the past few weeks, as well as to access all the stories and poems on our website. Our Directory lists stories and poems by category to help you locate our authors' pieces on your favorite subjects. Visit our Author's Index to access each author's homepage, which has links to all their posted stories and poems.

We also offer background information on Our Favorite Westerns and a Writer's Aide which will lead authors to other sites with helpful suggestions on composition, style, and other aspects of writing. We welcome submissions from women authors. Please review our Guidelines for Submissions if you are interested in posting your work on The WWB.

Come in and make yourself at home. No password, library card, shirts or shoes required.

Cheaux, Webmaster

We may not know where we are going but we're on our way.

Laura Ingalls Wilder



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