Submission Rules and Guidelines

Welcome to our Guidelines for story submissions. We will accept fiction, non-fiction, fanfic, poetry,  and prose.  Listed below are a few rules and policies which are subject to change without prior notification. If anything is unclear or if you are not sure whether a story meets our guidelines, please contact us!

New authors:  To submit a your work to The Women Writers Block, send it via email to  We prefer to receive your submission as an attachment in Word format.  If you need to use another program, please contact us first.

Existing Authors with “Author” or “Contributor” status:  please follow the  STYLE SHEET  when formatting your posts.


No plagiarized works will be accepted.  If we discover something is plagiarized, we will remove the story and all other stories by the same writer.

No slash, porn, or other inappropriate situations allowed.  Stories which contain excessive violence or graphic sexual descriptions will not be accepted.

General Rules

  1.  Most of our authors write stories that are under 50,000 words, however we do accept novel-length stories.  If you have any questions about length, please contact us.
  2. Each story should contain a summary at the top which teases the story to follow without giving away plot points.  Following the summary, there should be a rating:  General (G), Parental Guidance (PG), or Mature Audience (MA) and a Word Count.  The MA rating should indicate why, e.g., language, sexual situations, violence.
  3. Preferred format: Single-space all paragraphs, double-space between paragraphs, and left-block everything. Please place 5 asterisks (*****) at the left margin to separate scenes.
  4. Each story must be able to stand alone as a complete entity, with a beginning, middle, and end. Stories which are “a work in progress” or “to be continued” will not be posted until they are complete.  Stories in a series are acceptable as long as each stands alone.
  5. Authors should use complete sentences, proper grammar, and proper syntax.  All stories will be checked for spelling, punctuation and grammar (U.S. English) and may be corrected where needed before being posted.  Stories needing extensive corrections may be returned to the author for copy-editing.  We strongly suggest the use of one or more beta readers.  Word Press has a “proofreading” feature for posts and we strongly encourage authors to utilize it when posting their stories.

Fanfic Guide

See the  Glossary  on the menu bar for any terms in this guide which may not be familiar to you.

Our readers are drawn to a particular fandom because they love the world presented by the show’s creator and the characters which inhabit that world.   Authors who write stories that stay in line with the show’s premise and true to the canon characters will find a devoted following.

That being said, every fandom has beloved stories that are set outside the series’ canon universe (e.g., in which a main character marries, has children, or dies).  These stories should be marked Alternative Universe (“AU”) in the Summary.

We understand that TV shows sometimes play loose with historical events and personages, but we encourage authors to adhere as closely as possible to the established timelines and locales of a fandom when writing.  Exceptions for cross-over stories are permitted, but if in doubt, contact us.

If you’re not sure whether a story meets these guidelines, please feel free to submit it for our review.  Our guidelines are designed to help authors produce the kinds of stories our readers most enjoy.


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