[Your Title] by [your name]

Summary:    Type your summary here.  Refrain from giving away plot points.  In a WHI/WHN, credit the episode writers, especially if incorporating dialogue from the episode.

Category:  Type name of the fandom.  Or, “fiction, non-fiction, poetry.” <shift><return>
Genre:   Type the genre, e.g.,  western, sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, crime, etc. <shift><return>
Rated:  Type your rating here (G, PG, MA: reason for an MA rating) <shift><return>
Word Count:   Enter number after text has been pasted in (lower rt. hand corner) <return>

<Insert read more tag> from tool bar:

<Insert horizontal line> from tool bar:


Paste your story’s text in this space.  Single space paragraphs with a return between paragraphs.  Use “paragraph” style (default). [See pull down box on top tool bar]

Left margin (do not justify)

Do not repeat title.

Do not add images.

Enter five asterisks between scenes and chapters:


Chapter 1 (or location, setting) – Use Heading 3

And so forth.

When you come to the end of your story, type

***The End***

Here you would add Author’s Notes (A/N), footnotes, etc.

Lastly, type:

Return to [your name’s] home page

Add your word count if you haven’t already.

Be sure to spellcheck your post!  <CTRL><A> , then click on the “ABC” button on the tool bar (see below).  Scroll through your post and click on red and green underlines to see suggestions for correction of underscored words.


Go to the Post Settings on the right hand side of your screen.

Check your fandom and uncheck “uncategorized.”

Preview to make sure everything is good, then Publish.

Close (upper left hand corner).


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