The Wedding Quilt (by Barbara A. Taylor and Effie Taite)

Summary:  A deadly epidemic hits Laramie and the surrounding territory.  Dedicated to the memory of Effie Taite. Category:  Laramie Genre:  Western Rating:  PG Word Count: 90,542 CHAPTER ONE Using the mirror was useless as it had a star-shaped crack in the middle. It had suffered during one of Jess and Andy’s rough and tumbles. Slim smiled … Continue reading The Wedding Quilt (by Barbara A. Taylor and Effie Taite)

The Grave (by Sierra)

Summary:  The Lord helps those who help themselves. Category:  General Fiction Genre:   Murder/Mystery Rated: PG Word Count: 6985   “You can’t believe she did it. A fine Christian woman like that?” John Carter’s voice is incredulous. “She’s an altar lady, for pete’s sake. Runs the charity bazaars, volunteers at the hospital, stuff like that. Hell, … Continue reading The Grave (by Sierra)

The Angel of Goliad (by Sierra)

Summary: The heroes of the Alamo and La Bahia are recalled in the famous battle cries, "REMEMBER THE ALAMO! REMEMBER LA BAHIA!" But does anyone remember the only recognized Mexican heroine in the Texas Revolution, the "Angel of Goliad," Francisca "Panchita" Alavez? Category:  Non-Fiction Genre:  History Rated: G Word Count: 3378   October 17, 1835, started … Continue reading The Angel of Goliad (by Sierra)