Secrets Lie in Chalk Dust (by Mustang Sallie)

Summary:  He had recommended her, defended her, fell in love with her, courted her, but two weeks before their wedding, she disappeared. Her tangled web of secrets and lies lay in chalk dust and threatened to consume him. Now he was suffering with grief and loss and he had a loaded gun. It all started … Continue reading Secrets Lie in Chalk Dust (by Mustang Sallie)

Opening Up (by Rocker H.)

Summary:  A story in which Detective Sergeant Starsky’s mother relives a parent's worst nightmare in hopes of getting her own life back in order. (This story, in journal form, takes place several months after Sweet Revenge.)Category:   Starsky and HutchGenre: Police/CrimeRated: PGWord Count: 11,100 December 16, 1979 It’s been seven months since I answered Ken Hutchinson’s … Continue reading Opening Up (by Rocker H.)

[Your Title] by [your name]

Summary:    Type your summary here.  Refrain from giving away plot points.  In a WHI/WHN, credit the episode writers, especially if incorporating dialogue from the episode. Category:  Type name of the fandom.  Or, "fiction, non-fiction, poetry." <shift><return> Genre:   Type the genre, e.g.,  western, sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, crime, etc. <shift><return> Rated:  Type your rating here (G, PG, … Continue reading [Your Title] by [your name]

The Spick-and-Spanniest Room in the West (by Lisa M.)

Summary: Category:  Bonanza Genre:  Western Rated:  PG Word Count:   8237   Joe leaned his head up against the jamb and gaped in astonishment through the doorway. Adam's room never ceased to amaze him. The spick-and-spanniest room in the West, Hop Sing called it. How a body was supposed to live up to an example like that, … Continue reading The Spick-and-Spanniest Room in the West (by Lisa M.)