A Bonanza fan, Becky’s stories feature her favorite character, Adam Cartwright.  Read about his adventures both on and off the Ponderosa.

Becky is also the author of a number of very exciting Lancer stories, and also writes tales based on the modern series Numb3rs.

Please let Becky know how much you enjoy her stories!

Bonanza Stories

Christmas Presents

The Deep Abyss
(A What Happened Next for “The Dark Gate”)

Of Marbles and Memories and Boys Who Grew Up

A Place To Sit

The Range Stallion

The Haircut or A Day in Town

The Wherefore and The Why

Lessons from the Past

One Night in Spring
(An “In between” story for the episode She Walks in Beauty)

A Rare Courage

Ghosts of A Christmas Past

A Friend for Jamie

The Battle

The Song
(sequel to The Battle)

The Shootout


Daughter of Night

The Best Gift of All


Lancer Stories

Desert Nightmares

Midnight Questions

Numb3rs Stories

The Unquantifiable Variable



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