BluewindFarm’s Bonanza Stories

Note, most recent stories are listed first.

Dangerous Liaison: The Countess new5
(Inspired by:  The Countess)

And Then Along Comes Rupert

Our Little Piece of Snow-Covered Heaven
(A sequel to Of Winters Past)

Of Winters Past

All Lies and Jests
(Inspired by:  The Stranger)

(A prequel to And I’ve Got Mine… aka Until the Pain’s A Cloud of Dust)

Fist City

A Christmas Journey Remembered
(Inspired by:  Inger, My Love and Journey Remembered)

Twas the Night Before Christmas
(Inspired by:  The Mill)

Learning to Trust, One Last Time
(A sequel to First Ride)

What are These We Call Dreams
(Inspired by:  Elizabeth, My Love)

What We Didn’t Choose
(A sequel to Momma Like the Roses)

Rescuing the Stillness
(Inspired by:  The Stillness Within)

Momma Like the Roses
(A sequel to And I’ve Got Mine… Until the Pain’s a Cloud of Dust)

Yesterday a Jealous Man (aka Today’s Lonely Fool)
(Inspired by:  She Walks in Beauty)

A Legacy Deferred
(An AU pre-timeline story)

The Christmas Visitor
(Inspired by:  Marie, My Love)

Love Wins Out
(Inspired by:  The Truckee Strip)

A Matter of Family
(Inspired by:  The First Born)

There’s Wisdom, and then There’s…

Forever Changed
(Inspired by:  Forever)

If Not for Aura Lee
(Inspired by:  The Julia Bulette Story)

Before a Rose

And I’ve Got Mine (aka Until the Pain’s a Cloud of Dust)
(A prequel to Momma Liked the Roses)

First Ride
(Sequel to Tears of Growing Up)

Sage Advice

Changes Past
(Inspired by:  The Last Viking)

When Hope and Fate Collide

Counting Mistakes

Devil in Disguise

It Almost Seems Like Yesterday

Much Too Soon
(Inspired by:  The Late Ben Cartwright)

Life’s Lessons
(Inspired by:  Second Sight)

Never Forgotten

The Cartwrights Return (aka The Prodigals)
(An AU pre-timeline story)

The TruthThe Truth
(Inspired by:  The Trap)

Between the Twelfth of Never and Forever

The Vision, the epilogue
(A sequel to The Vision)

Another Side of the Triangle, the epilogue
(A sequel to Another Side of the Triangle)

A Far Cry from Peace
(Inspred by:  The Gift)

The Vision
(Inspired by:  Marie, My Love)

Laura’s Decision
(Inspired by:  The Pressure Game and The Triangle)

The Letter
(Inspired by:  The Stillness Within)

May the Thunder Roll

Another Side of the Triangle
(Inspired by:  The Triangle)

Restoring the Heart of the Ponderosa, Pt II
(an AU prequel story)

An Offering of Comfort

Counting Stars

Restoring the Heart of the Ponderosa, Pt I
(an AU prequel story)

The Telegram
(An AU post-timeline story)

A Dream Fulfilled
(an AU season 13 story)

Setting the Course
(Inspired by:  A House Divided)

Out of Boredom Comes Fishing

I’m Already There

(An AU Pre-timeline)

Rumor Has It

Tears of Growing Up

A Ride in the Sun; Survived
(Inspired by:  A Ride in the Sun)


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