Debbie B.

Debbie B. wrote exciting Bonanza stories, telling us about the adventures of Ben, Adam, Hoss and Joe. Sadly, Debbie passed away on April 15, 2022.

Bonanza Stories

(in alphabetical order)


A Better Day, Tomorrow 

A Brother’s Love 

A Choice to Make

A Fistful of Regret 

A Handful of Faith 

A Kiss to Die For 

A Letter from Adam 

A Letter from Hoss 

A Letter to Mama on Mother’s Day

A Night of Reflection 

A Pa for Toby

A Poor Man’s Roses 

A Question of Intent 

A Reversal of Roles 

A Royal Pain 

A Score to Settle 

Settling the Score – #2 

The Final Score – #3 

A Stranger in the House 

A Tale of Two Feathers – #1

Adam’s Story 


Back to Reality

Be Careful What You Wish For

Be There a Stranger Among Us

Beating Death’s Game

Between a Rock and A Hard Place

Between Brothers #1

Big Brother, Hoss

Blundered Seduction

Broken Promise

Brothers Til the End

Burden of Guilt


But for the Grace of God


Celebrating 90 Glorious Years and 430 Episodes of Bonanza!

Chinese Molasses #1  [Sexually explicit, see note below]

Coming to Terms

Crystal Ball Predictions


Darkness Within

Death of an Angel

Death Rides a Black Horse



Easter – It’s More’n Bunny Rabbits and Colored Eggs

Echoes from the Canyon

Ellen, My Love


Fight for Life

First Notch

For All Mothers

From Dreams to Reality (Sequel to “Gossamer Dreams”)

From Inside One’s Own Self


Gossamer Dreams

Greater Love Hath No Man

Gun for Hire


Half of Nothing, All of Everything

Happy Birthday, Big Brother

Happy Birthday, Pa

Happy Mother’s Day, Pa

Happy Father’s Day, Pa

Heart of Clay

Hell or High Water…The Day Will Come

Hollow’s Eve

Home is Where Love Dwells

How Do I Love Thee?

How Do You Say Goodbye?


If I’m Dreaming, Don’t Wake Me

In the Name of Love


Jingle Bells



Left to Die

Life…It’s All About Love (a WHN for “The Stallion” with a little “Forever” tossed in)

Like Father, Like Son

Little Jonah

Little Man, Big Man

Lonely Hearts Passing in the Night

Love at Its Best

Love is like a Violin

Love, Oh Love, Oh Careless Love


Measuring Up


Never Start What You Can’t Finish

Never Too Old to Learn

Night Callers


One Lucky Man

One More Brother (A WHN for “Credit for a Kill”)

Our Secret Love’s No Secret Anymore


Part of the Rainbow

Price of Friendship (a WHN for the episode “Between Heaven and Earth)


Questions and Answers


Reflections of My Father


Restitution’s Rewards


Sacred Ground

Settling the Score

Seven Times A Day

Shared Guilt

Silent Heartache

Skeletons Unleashed

Son, Don’t Take Your Guns to Town

Sorry Ain’t Enough

Standing on Principles

Sticks and Stones

Sting of Death



Tempted to Steal

That Silver-Haired Daddy of Mine

That’s How It Felt

The Color of Chocolate

The Dark Side of the Rainbow  (sequel to “Part of the Rainbow”)

The Detour Home

The Empty Box

The Final Score

The Green Eyed Monster

The Hangin’ Tree

The Hunted

The Last Laugh

The Last to Go

The Time of Day

The Sound of his Weeping

The Whipping

Thicker Than Water

Thoughts – A Story in Six Voices

Thoughts On Being A Father

Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death

Tied in Knots

Time Will Tell

To Cry In Vain

To Hell and Back

To Honor Thy Father

Too Deep a Well

Too Many Fast Guns

Twenty Years Hard Labor

Twiddle Dee, Twiddle Dum

Two Hearts, Seventeen Hands

Two Painted Ponies, One Tender Heart


Until he Turns Eighteen



When Death Comes Callin’

When the Storm Passes

Where Love Once Lived

Where’s There’s Life, There’s Hope

While I Was Away

Whose Child Is This?

Why Didn’t She Love Me?

Why Jesus is Better than Santa

Without Malice



You Just Wait and See

Your Name is Joe



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Note:    Debbie also has a series of stories available upon request. These stories, dealing with Joe being kidnapped by an evil Chinese man, contain adult-level violence and implied sexual assault. The series contains four stories: Chinese Molasses, Frightened Beyond Reason, Recovery, and Prelude to Rebirth. To request any or all of these stories, send an email to Debbie B.  requesting the name of the story and affirming you are over the age of 18 years.