DJK’s Bonanza Stories


Covering Up

The Right Thing To Do

The Message

Feeling Guilty

Green Velvet

If You Lie Down WDogs…

Spring Flowers

Letting Go

Just a Quick Trip

The Company You Keep

Spanish Gold

..And He Shall Not DepFrom It

Cleaning Up

A Case of Comeuppance

Relatives and Reasons

I Wouldn’t Do That…

Night Music

In Ten Years

The Scent of Deception

Kiss and Tell

Standing Watch

Lila Jane

A Matter of Regret

Seeing an Angel

Traces of Sand

Letters to Inger

Lucky Eight

Wanting Whiskers

Water Nymph


Happy Birthday, Hoss!

Just At Checkers

Sally Lynn, Swimming, and Sweet Revenge

Sippin’ Whiskey And Sally Lynn

Hidden Wings

Ben’s Boy Adam

Between First Borns

By Step, By Half And By Heart

What’s Keeping Them Now?

A Blue Plate Special

Don’t Speak of That

Love Comes Late

Big Ears, Big Fears

Remember the Breaking

Tucked Away

Deciding Is The Hardest Thing To Do

Girls, Guns and Getting Grown – Story 1

Girls, Guns and Getting Grown – Story 2

Ben’s Boys

I’ve Got A Secret

The Left-Handed Holster

Caught Red-handed

Night Ride

Fifty Dollars

To Escape the Ponderosa

Five Bits

When The Big Man Falls

Shadow Enemy

Emily’s Sir Eric

Tarnished Armor
(sequel to Emily’s Sir Eric)

Quest on D Street
(sequel to Tarnished Armor)

Lady Emily’s Choice
(Sequel to “Quest on D Street”)

San Francisco Dragons
(Sequel to “Lady Emily’s Choice” and 5th story in the Emily series)

Adam and The Imp of Satan

The Imp, Some Demons and a Few Short Lists
(sequel to “Adam and The Imp of Satan”)

Two On The Town

To The Victors

Any Horse You can Ride, I Can Ride Faster
(Sequel to “To the Victors”)


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