One of our Bonanza authors, Doreen writes stories of the Cartwrights — Ben, Adam, Hoss and Little Joe — and their adventures on the Ponderosa. She also enjoys writing stories about another family trying to build a life in the old West — Lancer. Enjoy her stories and be sure to let Doreen know you liked them!


Bonanza Stories

Aftermath of a Hanging
(What Happened Instead for The Gamble)

To Kill A Brother

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

A Brother’s Heartache

First Notch

Emergence from the Shadow
(A Missing Scene from Season 11’s ‘A Darker Shadow’)

More Than A Friend

(A What Happened Next for the episode “First Born”)

The Art of Cunning

The Question

Wishing On A Star
(A few lost hours from “A Stranger Passed This Way”)

A Secret Worth Keeping

Making An Effort

The Long Ride Home
(A missing scene from the episode “The Quest”)

A Note For Santa
(A Christmas What Happened Instead for the episode “The Firstborn”)

Regrets and Resolutions
(A New Year’s What Happened Next for the story “A Note For Santa”)

Soul Mates


Bad News

The Whistle

Travesty of Justice
(What Happened Next for “The Quality of Mercy”)

Playing Soldiers

Never Say Never
(sequel to “Playing Soldiers”)

Dead on Time

Lost Brother



Reflections Under a Starry Sky
(A combined What Happened Next for “Decision at Los Robles” and “The Legacy”)

If Only…

(A personal perspective on What Happened Next for “My Brother’s Keeper”)

Marie’s Boys
(What Happens next for the episode “The Storm”)

The Meadow

A Change of Direction
(What Happens Next for the episode “The Code”)

The Pain Goes On and On…

The Gambler and The Cowboy


Lancer Stories

A Father’s Revenge

A Brief Reunion

A Brother’s Choice

Third Time Unlucky

Hidden Treasures
(A possible What Happened In Between for “The Homecoming/High Riders”)


Wasted Years

  Painful Remembering
(sequel to “Wasted Years”)

The Promise
(A What Happened Next For The Buscaderos)

A Lancer Standoff

First Contact


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