Bonanza is the series on which Freyakendra bases her stories. Her stories are about Ben, Adam, Hoss and Joe Cartwright together as a family on the Ponderosa and facing all of the trials and tribulations they face. Read her tales of the Cartwrights’ adventures and be sure to let Freyakendra know you enjoyed them!

One Bullet and Holding to Hope

A Close Shave

For The Soul Is Dead That Slumbers


Viva la Brothers!

The Game

(sequel to “The Game”)


The Dime Novel Rescue Series

Just a Poker Game

Loser Take All

Devil’s Dust

The Daring Young Man On The Flying Trapeze

The Fire Inside

A Little Disagreement

The Dawson Gang


O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

The Night Before Christmas

(poem)Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Little Brother, and Moving Mountains

He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother

The Wolf in the Wind

Letter of the Law

Something So Savage

Pandora’s Sisters

Chasing Time


Kings Over Aces


Ten Little Indians


The Grizzly and God’s Hands

Ruby Lips and White Satin

And This Gives Life to Thee


A Ballad of Brothers: Opus

Hold On

A Son for a Son


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