K.K. Shaulis

Bonanza is the subject of K. K. Shaulis’ stories, and she likes to tell you light-hearted tales about Ben, Adam, Hoss and Joe. Enjoy her stories and be sure to let her know you liked them!

Not So Earyl One Morning

Omniscient, Omnipotent, Impotent?

Power of the Pen(cil)

Snake Bit

Magical Mistletoe

Shirt Tale

Sorehead Winner

Fixing Joe

Not So Fine Print

Hop Sing’s Twig

Flight of Fancy

Snow on the Roof

A Friend Indeed

One of a Kind

A Burning Desire

Cattle Call

Simple as Pie

The Wrong Side of the Law

Good to the Last Drop-Seat?

Broken Promises

Words of Wisdom

Happy New Year of the Goat, Pa!

Adam Imitations

The Dang Fool Woman and the Impossible Man


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