Kenda’s stories cover a variety of topics, from the western adventures of Big Valley to the modern day excitement of Simon and Simon. She also has posted her humorous and seasonal stories. Pick a sample of her stories to read, or enjoy them all. Please let Kenda know how much you like her stories!


Alias Adam Cartwright
(What Happened Next for the episode “Alias Joe Cartwright”)

A Fitting Goodbye

Circumstances Beyond Our Control
(A missing scene from the episode “A Matter of Circumstances”)

Grief Written Across A Celadon Sky
(A missing scene from the episode “A Stillness Within”)

The Big Valley

Legacy of a Family
(Missing scene from the episode Legend of a General)

Heart Filled with Joy

Treasures Revealed
(Missing scene from the episode Lost Treasure)

A Place to Call Home

Power of a Mother’s Love
(Missing scene from the episode By Force and Violence)

My Brother, the Lawyer
(Missing scene from the episode The Murdered Party)

The Unicorn and The Lady
(Missing scene from the episode Plunder)

The Orphan & the Cowboy

Bonds of Steel
(Missing scene from the episode The Iron Box)

Simon and Simon

Every Now and Then

A House Divided

A Long & winding Road

School Dayz

Wanted:  One Good Wife

If a Cow Could Laugh

‘Tis the Season

Crossover Stories

Angel on Earth
(The Big Valley/Touched by an Angel)

Kenda also has novel-length Bonanza, Big Valley and other stories posted on her website. Click on the link to go to her website:  Kenda’s Fan Fiction Library on worldwide web

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