Another of our Bonanza authors, Krystyna writes about the adventures of Ben, Adam, Hoss, and Joe. Please let her know how much you enjoy her tales of the men of the Ponderosa.

The House That Adam Built

A Good Day for a Hanging
(A “What Happened Before” for the episode The Avenger)

To Have and To Hold…Memories

The Bronco Buster


Hitting the Barn Door

Candy Canaday – His Story

Deathly Laughter

A Lesson from Miss Jones
(A “Missing Scene from the episode The Ride)

A Torn Shirt

Cry Me A River

Beyond Shadows

At A Time Like This…
(Missing Scenes from the episode “The Avenger”)

(What Happened Next for the episode “She Walks in Beauty”)

Miss McCready Reports


The Past, The Present and The Future

A Moment in the Life of Me…

The Love of His Life

For the Sake of a Name

All On His Own…

Ben…Stepping Stones


After Ash Hollow
(sequel to Inger)

Box Canyon

When Help Was Needed…

My Name Is Dorcas


Frogs, Books, and Sticky Things 

Amen and Amen

Held Up By A Hold Up


On A Wedding Day

A World Turned Upside Down

The Ravine


The Story of A Gentle Man

The Outlaws

The Choice

A Journey to Death

Shades of War

The Widow

The Sword of Damocles

Touched by An Angel

Kane’s Legacy

Some Kind of Man

And Amen To All That

Dearly Beloved

Loved and Lost

The Man in the Middle

Mea Culpa

The Man Cub


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