The world of the Cartwrights is the subject of Patina’s stories. Yes, she pens Bonanza tales. Read her stories of the adventures of Ben, Adam, Hoss, and Joe, and be sure to let Patina know how much you enjoyed her stories!

Broken Chords
(What Happened Next for the episode Woman of Fire)

Troll the Ancient Yuletide Carol

Fools Gold

(A scene from the episode “Forever”)

When The Dawn Seemed Forever Lost

Christmas Traditions

Negotiation Strategies

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

(What Happened In Between for the episode “Death at Dawn”)

Pins and Needles

The Echo of a Heartbeat


Dead Man’s Hand

A Sure-Fire Plan

No Regrets

Practice Makes Perfect

No More Games
(A scene from the episode “The Crucible”)

Wisdom Comes With Age

A Woman Cloaked in Scandal
(A missing scene for the episode “She Walks in Beauty”)

Upholding The Family Pride
(What Happened Next for the episode “The Ride”)

Passing Time and Popcorn

Seeds of Doubt
(What Happened In Between for “The Lawmaker”)

No More Security
(What Happened Next for “The Hayburner”)

Under Mesmer’s Spell

Baby’s Breath


The Battle Of Wills Begins

Their First Noel
(A continuation of “The Battle Of Wills”)

A Hatful Of Guilt
(A What Happened Instead for the episode “No Less A Man”)

The History Essay

I Won’t Be Spoiled No More

Love’s Labor

A New Year, A New Resolution

Ponderosa Pachyderm
(A What Happened Next for the episode “Old Sheba”)

To Wake A Sleeping Beauty

A Mouthful of Regret


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