Patty W.

Patty W writes her stories about the characters in Laramie. Read about the lives, loves and adventures of Slim Sherman and Jess Harper, as well as their adopted family and their friends, in the era of the Old West. Don’t forget to drop a line to Patty W to let her know you like her stories!

The New Housekeepers

The Fortune Teller’s Daughter

Ghost Horse

Daisy’s Boys

The Visitor

The Journey

The New Sheriff

The Secret Admirer

Christmas Thoughts from the Porch


The Eye of the Storm

Snow Bird’s Last Race
(Sequel to Snow Bird Saves the Day!)

Snow Bird Saves the Day!

Reflections from a Sickbed

Sweet Charity

The Birthday

To Hell and Back

Mike’s Story

The Road to Albuquerque

The Spirit of Christmas

Daisy’s Dilemma


Blackmail Is A Dirty Word

Blood Brothers

Baby Love!

Tough Choices

Home For Christmas

The Inheritance


The Runaway

An Exchange

(Jess’ Story)

Loved, Lost, Survived
(The Irish Girl)


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