Rocker H.

Westerns are Rocker H.’s specialty, but she also writes in other fandoms. Visit the Ponderosa and read of the adventures of Ben, Adam, Hoss and Joe in Rocker H.’s Bonanza stories. Or enjoy her tales about James West and Artemis Gordon, secret agents in The Wild, Wild, West, and Detectivies David Starsky and Ken Hutchinson in Starsky & Hutch (visit those fandom pages to read more about this series if you are not familiar with them). Don’t forget let Rocker H. know how much you liked her stories!

Bonanza Stories

The Man The Boy Becomes

To The Edge and Back

Starsky & Hutch

Opening Up  new2

The Wild Wild West Stories

The Night of the Careening Carriage

The Night of the Special Delivery

The Night of the Uncertain Tomorrow


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