Rona’s Bonanza Stories

(In alphabetical order)


A Blank Space

A Delusion, A Mockery and A Snare

A Different Kind of Vengeance

A Fresh Start

A Long Shadow  (What Happened Next for the episode “Emily”)

A Sacrifice of Love

A Stranger Passed This Way (Epilogue)

A Time to Step Down (An Alternative Ending)

A Winter’s Tale

A Woman Scorned


Against His Will


Amidst The Winter Storm

An Eye For An Eye  (What Happened Next in the episode “The Quest”)

An Innocent Man

Another Mountain to Climb (What Happened Next for “Between Heaven and Earth”)

Areas of Expertise

At All Costs



Barbarous Revenge  (What Happened Next for the episode “The Last Haircut”)

Beauty Is The Lover’s Gift

Behind the Picture

Believe in Me

Betrothed, Betrayer and Betrayed

Better Left Unsaid


Blind Man’s Bluff

Breed of Violence (What Happened In-Between)


Bullet For A Bride (An Alternative Ending)

By The Lake



Chains and Slavery

Christmas Surprise

Clay  (What Happened Next for the episode “First Born”)

Coming Home for Christmas




Dark House

Days of Our Glory

Death Withheld  (An alternative look at the episode “Death at Dawn”)

Dedimus Tot Pignora Fatis (Hostages To The Fates)

Deeds of the Past


Desperate Times

Doing What Had To Be Done




Entertaining Angels

Envy, Hatred and Malice – Part 1

Envy, Hatred, and Malice – Part 2

Ex Corde Caritas  ~Love from the Heart~  (What Happened Next in the episode “My Brother’s Keeper”)



Faith to Believe  (Continuation of “Believe in Me”)


Five Sundowns (What Happened Next)


For All That Wishes May Be Worth…

Found Love  (What Happened Next for the episode “Found Child”)

For The Love of a Horse  (Sequel to The Mustang)

Friends Indeed?

From Ghoulies and Ghosties



Gideon the Good (A What Happened In-Between and What Happened Next Story)

Gold Rush

God So Loved The World

Good Samaritan


Growing Up




Hate and Fear

His Prey (What Happened Next for the episode “The Hunter”)


How Do I Love Thee?

Hunting for Hidden Gold



In Loving Memory

In Sickness and In Health

In Silence and Tears (What Happened Next for the episode “First Born”)

Interlude (A “missing scene” from the episode “A Far, Far Better Thing”)

Into The Darkness

Into the Present  (What Happened Next for the episode “The Gift”)





Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged





Last Chance  (What Happened Next for the episode “Second Chance”)

Learning a Lesson

Learning Curve


Let’s Kill Timothy

Little Boy Lost

Loss of Innocence


Love Story




Measure of a Man

Memory Lane


Mind Games

Mistaken Identity

Moving On (“Missing” scenes for the episode A Time To Step Down)

My Kingdom for a Horse



Never A Harsh Word

No Way Out



Obeying Orders

Only Skin Deep



Payback Time

Pitfalls  (What Happened Next for the episode The Trap)

Power of Love


Protective Custody

Protective Urges





Resolution from Despair  (What Happened Next for the Episode “Shanklin”)



Shotgun Wedding  (Sequel to the story “To Love Again”)

Showdown  (What Happened Next)

Silence in the Storm

Singled Out

Sitting Wolf


Stocking Up

Stranger in our Midst (a prequel to the story “Payback Time”)

Stranger Things

Sunshine and Shadows  (What Happened Next for the episode “Shining in Spain”)






Tangled Loyalties

Tears of Sorrow, Tears of Joy

Testament of Friendship  (What Happened Next in “False Witness”)

That Was The Week…

The Balance of His Mind

The Breaking Game

The Christmas Payroll

The Church Social

The Course of True Love…

The Deadliest Sins

The Deadly Ones  (A re-write of the episode by same name)

The Final Sacrifice

The First Duty

The Fourth Son

The Godfather  (sequel to Susie)

The Great Truckee Flood

The Hotel

The Journey

The Last Straw (What Happened In-Between for the episode “Tommy”)

The Last Viking (What Happened before the ending scene)

The Luck of the Draw

The Medicine Hat Horse  (Sequel to For the Love of a Horse)

The Quick and The Dead

The Rattlesnake Brigade (The way it should have been)

The Sixth Candle  (What Happened Next for the episode “Five Candles”)

The Sound of Silence

The Stand-Off

The Timber Contract

The Line Shack Trip

The Mustang

The Night Before Christmas

The Rustlers

The Smoke in the Sky

The Stuff of Nightmares

The Twelve Days of Christmas

The Witches Coven

  • Witch Hunt  (sequel to the story “The Witches Coven”)

The Worst that Could Happen

To Be A Cartwright

To Love Again

To Sit in Darkness

To Steal A Son

Toil and Trouble

Too Much Love Will Kill You

Touch Not The Cat


Triumph Over Adversity


Tug of Love



Unwilling Accomplice






Wagon Trail to Hell


Whatever It Takes

When A Child is Born

When Love and Hate Collide

Whenever You’re in Trouble

Winter At Tahoe

With This Ring

Wolf in the Fold

Worth Fighting For?

Wrapped in Wild Snow







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