Susan has written a large number of Bonanza stories. Her stories feature her favorite Cartwright — Little Joe.  Be sure to leave a comment below and share your thoughts on her stories.

The Runaway Bride

Loved and Lost

The Visitor

Second Chances
(What Happened Next for the episode “Second Chance”)

The House on Watson’s Hill

The Prodigal

The Letter of the Law

Emily – The Missing Scenes

The Healing Touch

Sweeter than Wine


Bushwhacked – The Missing Scenes

A Matter of Circumstances Continued
(A What Happened Next story)

The Dark Cloud

The Mission

Timber Camp

One Night in Bear River


A Wanted Man

The Fastest Gun

Night Train

The Abduction

Rim Rock Station

The Long Ride To Home


The Gold Wagon

The Dead Hole

A Long Way To Home

The Darkness

Blood Is Thicker Than Water

The Hideaway


To Live Free

Revenge of The Smiler
(Based on the Bonanza episode “The Smiler”)

Between Heaven and Earth – The Aftermath
(A What Happened Next Story)

After The Last Viking
(A What Happened Next Story)

Sweet Annie

The Full Moon

Someone to Watch Over Me

A Friend in Need

Dead Man’s Canyon

The Cartwright Name

The Good Samaritan

The Ghost of Christmas Past

The Golden Fleece

The Paiute Necklace

I’ll Take You Home Again, Kathleen

The Butterfly


Luck of the Day

The Fourth Wife

Legacy from New Orleans

Ghost Town

Spanish Gold

The Snipe Hunt


Black Stallion

San Francisco


The Deadliest Disease

The Hand of Fate


Lady in Blue

The Guardian
(Sequel to the story “Lost Son”)

Lost Son

Sins of the Father

Night Stalker

No Greater Love

Nothing but the Truth

Paying the Price

Precious Possessions

The Price of Friendship

Promises to Keep

To Be or Not To Be

A Man Named Jacob

Arizona Trail

The Ghost Chief

Christmas Wish

Creatures Stirring

A Matter of Honor

Desperate Ride


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