The Giggly Sisters


Looking for some light-hearted fun? Then enjoy the Bonanza stories by The Giggly Sisters (a.k.a. Rona and Claire). Their tongue-in-cheek tales will make you smile. Share your laughs with The Giggly Sisters by letting them know how much you liked their stories.

Be Prepared

Kidnapping The Brothers

Christmas is Coming

Just What You Always Wanted


Bloomers and Corsets?

Bonanza – An Intermediate Guide to the Series

Trick or Treat

Hanging Around

Maims and Mayhem

A Gynecological Disaster

Waste Not, Want Not

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

The Ranch House

Who Spake by the Prophets

The Party

The Patriarch of the Ponderosa

A Stitch in Time

The Horses

A Spoof for Stephen

Spring Forward

In a Manner of Speaking

The Never-Ending Song

Reading, Writing, and Reeling

This Sporting Life

A Little Night Music

Picture This


I Beg Your Pardon

Musical Chairs

The Mystery of the Room Behind the Stairs

Muffins and Moustaches in the Morning

Whatever Happened to the Lovely Mothers?

Is This a Fireplace I See Before Me?Is This a Fireplace I see Before Me? (by The Giggly Sisters)

Mirror, Mirror…

Home Thoughts

If You Want To Get Ahead…

Help Wanted

It’s a Serious Business, Being Funny

Dressing for Success

From The Horses’ Mouth

Changing Rooms

Doctor Martin’s Casebook

An Apple a Day

An Indoor Bathroom

All About Adam

Just Another Unfortunate Accident

A Trip To Town

Many Heads Make Light Work


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