Have Gun Will Travel

Have Gun Will Travel
Have Gun Will Travel is a western series that ran from 1957-1963 (225 episodes) on American TV.   It stars Richard Boone as the gentleman gunfighter, a West Point graduate who served in the Union Army during the War Between the States.  After the war, Paladin (first name never divulged) became a successful businessman who lived at the Carlton Hotel in San Francisco.  When in the city, he dressed in custom tailored suits, drank fine wine and attended the opera.   When traveling, he took on another identity as a mercenary dressed in black who charged a high fee for those that could afford it, and worked for free for those who needed his services.

Paladin was skilled in Chinese martial arts.  He was highly educated, able to quote classic literature, philosophy, and case law, and spoke several languages. He was an expert chess player, poker player, and swordsman.

Trivia:   One the series’ most prolific writers was Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek.

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