Alias Smith and Jones

Alias Smith and Jones

Alias Smith and Jones was an American Western series that originally aired from January 1971 to January 1973. The show starred Pete Duel as Hannibal Heyes and Ben Murphy as Jedediah “Kid” Curry, outlaw cousins who are trying to reform. The governor offers them a conditional amnesty, aiming to keep the pact a secret. The “condition” is that they will still be wanted until it becomes politically advantageous for the governor to pardon them.

The cousins find the straight and narrow difficult. Now calling themselves Joshua Smith and Thaddeus Jones, they find themselves tangling with lawmen, bounty hunters, operatives of the Bannerman Detective Agency, and other nefarious figures. They are forced to rely on Heyes’s silver tongue, Curry’s fast draw, and occasionally a little help from friends on both sides of the law.

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