Crossover Stories

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Perhaps the hardest to write is the crossover story, that magical world where two or more fandoms merge into one. Not only must the writer be familiar with all the characters, she must also manage the timeline! We have some fantastic Crossover Story writers in our group, and we are proud to present their versions of what life would be like if the characters of one show ran into the characters of another. Read these great stories and see if you don’t agree with us!

Alias Smith and Jones/Lancer

Gunfighters by Stardust

Bonanza/Big Valley

Dear Jarrod from Boston by Vickie G.


Windmills and Remembrances by Ginny and Robin


Did I Hear You Mention Boston? by DJK

Bonanza/Highway To Heaven

Where’s Jake? by Donna

Bonanza / Highway to Heaven / Little House on the Prairie

One Brother from Boston by Donna

The Big Valley / Black Saddle

Look, Culhane by Elayn

The Big Valley / Quantum Leap

Sometimes You Have to Leap by Elayn

 The Big Valley/Touched by an Angel

Angel on Earth by Kenda

The Big Valley/Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

Sabrina, The Western Witch by Nancy

Bordertown/Young Riders

Bank Robbers by Stardust
Welcome to Sweetwater by Stardust


Squad 51 on the Ponderosa by Sarah Vita

Gunsmoke/Star Trek

Then, Now, and Whenever by Kasie

Hawaii Five-O / The X-Files

To Die Upon a Kiss by Lisa


The Lawman and The Ranger by Stardust


Trail Fever by Cherry May


Incident on the Coulter Range by Stardust

Rifleman/Wild Wild West

The Night of the Shallow Grave by BluewindFarm

Several TV Westerns

Silver Dollar Trail  by Stardust

Wagon Train/Laramie

A Book of Life in Search of a Title by Mustang Sallie


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