The Clayton Chronicles


Clayton Chronicles

The Clayton Chronicles is a fandom within a fandom.

From 1958-1962 the series Bronco aired in America.  Bronco was a former confederate soldier wandering the old west, and meeting such famous characters as Jesse James, William Frederick “Buffalo Bill” Cody, and Theodore Roosevelt.  One not-so-famous character was the Reverend Dave Clayton in the episode “The Belles of Silver Flats.”

The Reverend (played by pre-Bonanza’s Pernell Roberts) was once known as Sam Driscoll, a notorious gunfighter.  Dave’s entire life changed when a bullet meant for his heart hit a small Bible he carried instead. Taking it as an omen, he rejected his former life, changed his name and allowed the rumor of his death to spread. Having consigned Sam Driscoll to the grave, he then traveled from rough mining town to rough mining town starting churches, leaving bells behind when he leaves.

The following authors write stories based on the adventures of the Reverend Clayton.




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