A Cartwright Christmas Carol (by PSW)

Summary: A reimagining of the old classic. Category: Bonanza Genre: Western/Christmas AU Rating: G Word Count: 17,388   (With thanks and apologies to Mr. Dickens) Stave 1 – Grandfather Cartwright’s Ghost Grandfather Cartwright was dead, to begin with.  There is no doubt whatever about that.*  None of Ben Cartwright’s three sons had been present at the unhappy event, … Continue reading A Cartwright Christmas Carol (by PSW)

Hello Darkness–or, the Sounds of Silence (by PSW)

Summary: Written for the 2017 Missing Man Challenge on Bonanza Brand -- Add Adam into any Season 7-14 episode as if he never left.  WHI for 'To Die In Darkness' (season 9). Category: Bonanza Genre: Western Rating: PG Word Count: 14,737   In the original episode, the scene opens upon the Nevada State prison.  There … Continue reading Hello Darkness–or, the Sounds of Silence (by PSW)