Remembering (by JC)

Summary:  Remembering a few of the best-loved things of childhood, among them Little Joe Cartwright.
Category:  Poetry
Genre:  Rhyme
Rated:  G
Word Count:   123


When I remember you, I think of summer skies
I think of barefoot days and starry nights and fireflies
You were my cherry pie
Topped with ice cream
And we danced in dreams

When I remember you, I think of rainbows
I think of fairy tales and cowboys and heroes
I was your favorite girl
And the world was new
Dreams could still come true

When I remember you, I think of laughter
I think of valentines and happily ever after
You galloped away
While I closed my eyes
We never said goodbye

As I consider you, now that I’m older
My heart is wiser and the world seems colder
I smile and I sigh
At the days that are gone
But sweet memories live on.


***The End***

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