The Poetry of Ben and Adam Cartwright (by JC)

Summary:  With such a well of inspiration from which to draw, one could imagine them putting pen to paper on occasion.  Ben’s “Journey to the Sea” is an homage to his three wives; “Girl in the Moonlight” was composed by Adam.
Category:  Poetry, Bonanza
Genre:  Western, Rhyme
Rated:  G
Word Count:  290



My love is a happy harbor
An Eden by the sea
With moorings deep and sturdy
She firmly anchors me

My love is a lighthouse beacon
To guide me in the storm
A lifeline to a sheltered port
Where I am safe and warm

My love is a rolling river
Disappearing ’round the bend
What lies beyond, a mystery
Whispered on the wind

My love is an endless ocean
Tempestuous and wild
Beneath the swell of crashing waves
I tremble like a child

Mercurial and fathomless
She holds me with her spell
Steals my breath with just one kiss
And drown I might as well

Then with a mother’s tenderness
She leads me to the shore
I see my future in her eyes
And I am home once more.

Ben Cartwright ,  1841



There is a girl both young and fair
As sweet and lovely as can be
A rosebud on the brink of bloom
Wise in ways she cannot see

So brightly shines her tender light
It shames the stars from whence she came
Heaven’s gift, by Love and Grace,
Where all the angels know her name

The moon falls softly on her face
And rings a halo ’round her hair
A moment, soon a memory
Would that I could keep her there

Her laughter is my soul’s delight
And at her smile my heart can break
Unknowingly, she passes by
Leaving stardust in her wake

Adam Cartwright, 1857


***The End***

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