Unrequited (by JC)

Summary:  A poem for the ones not chosen.
Category:  Poetry
Genre:  Blank Verse
Rated:  G
Word Count:  120



You look at me but never see my colors
Pretend to listen, never hear my song
Gifts I bring you sit aside unopened
Buried under wrappings
Torn from packages deemed
Lovelier than mine

Your smile is gracious as you pass me over
Engaging someone else’s in return
I tell myself it really doesn’t matter
Quietly pick up my hopes
In bits and pieces
Scattered on the floor

You cannot hate me but you’ll never love me
No more than I can be what I am not
We’ll go on as before with none the wiser
Except the heart you shattered
Not with cruel intent
But with a careless glance.

***The End***

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