Bonanza’s On (by JC)

Summary: A legitimate excuse for holiday procrastination…
Category:  Bonanza, Poetry
Genre:  Western
Rated:  G
Word Count:  125

An Ode to Christmas

 (Think “Jingle Bells”)

The eighth day of December
I still don’t have a tree
I haven’t bought a single gift
Now what is wrong with me?

No Christmas cards I’ve written
My kids think I’m insane
No stockings hung
No baking done
There’s just one thing to blame –


Bonanza’s on, Bonanza’s on
Bonanza’s on tonight!
Oh, what fun it is to watch
The family we call Cart – wright!

Who needs a tree?  Forget the mall!
A gift card’s just as nice!
On Christmas Day, we’ll eat Chinese –
Bo – nan – za’s   on  to – night!

YEE-HAW and Happy Holidays!

*****The End*****

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