Station 51 Evaluations (by Jane)


Summary:  It’s annual review time!
Category:  Emergency!
Genre:  Medical Drama
Rated:  G
Word Count:  548



Lopez, Marco – Highly Skilled Fireman.  Patient with fellow firemen (especially Kelly).  Generous (periodically helps Gage out in the kitchen).  Able to assist in medical situations (usually aiding DeSoto in treating Gage).

Stoker, Mike –  Exceptional Engineer.  Quiet, even-tempered, easy to work with.  Helps me (Cap) keep some semblance of order to this (?)station (especially when Kelly goes after Gage).  Always on time (note: use him as an example for Gage).

Kelly, Chet – Unique Fireman – seems to have an unusual love for battling a blaze.  Keen sense of humor (not sure if that’s a strength).  Very skilled in driving the squad back to the hospital while DeSoto rides in the ambulance with an injured Gage.

Gage, John  Excellent Paramedic.  Has an unusual ability to deal with fellow employee harassment without any long-term resentment.  Able to dangle from high rescues without falling (except in cases where exposed to unknown viruses).  (note: leave more room for comments under weakness section).

Desoto, Roy –  Excellent Paramedic.  Very patient and easy going.  Works well with most anyone (except Brice who is the one usually called in when Gage is injured).  Also has an exceptional ability to deal with Gage (see patience) and continually treat his partner’s endless injuries. (Note: ask chief about possible award ceremony for Roy – should be something there for number of times he’s had to treat his partner . . .)

*Final Note:  File this evaluation under private in my personal file. Remark a number graph for official records.  This group will never pass otherwise!

Captain Stanley



Lopez, Marco –  Is suspected of being an accessory to Kelly’s mischief (don’t have any solid proof . . . Yet!)

Stoker, Mike –  Too quiet.  Sometimes we’re not even sure he’s present at roll call.

Kelly, Chet –  Argumentative (especially with Gage),  arrogant (especially to Gage), a prankster (especially around Gage), creates extra cleaning duties (especially in connection with Gage).   (Note:  I think there’s a pattern here….)

Gage, John –  High strung. Over-zealous; doesn’t display proper medical procedures when dealing with personal injuries (note: this is causing problems with our medical insurance carrier). Lack of self-control when dealing with nurses.  Gullible/sucker especially when dealing with Kelly).   Needs cooking lessons!!! (pretty bad for a guy who can’t quit eating).  Sometimes gets emotionally attached to patients (especially females!)   Has no family in the area (this causes extra work for the crew every time he’s injured, i.e., waiting during surgery, visiting at the hospital, driving him to Dr.’s appointments, picking up take-out food, grocery shopping, etc. – this is especially hard on DeSoto who usually gets stuck with Gage at his house for at least a week at a time . . . poor Joanne).

 (Note: wonder if there’s a maximum number of entries allowed on these forms???)

Desoto, Roy – Don’t think I’ll list anything here (see award ceremony notation on strength’s list.  Anyone who puts up with Gage deserves one).

*Reminder:  Schedule my vacation during next year’s evaluation period. Don’t think I can go through this again.  Also – check on number of years left before I’m eligible for retirement . . . Where are those number graphs?????

 Captain Stanley


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