Enough is Enough (by Jane)


Summary:  Cap’s patience has worn thin  . . .
Category:  Emergency!
Genre:  Medial Drama
Rated:  PG
Word Count:


“That’s it!”

Hank Stanley dropped a stack of papers on the table next to a box, promptly placing his hands on his hips. “I’ve had it with you two.”

Five sets of eyes turned towards their captain and several mouths dropped in surprise. But two men had the good sense to keep theirs closed, even stepping back a few feet as they anticipated the coming assault.

“I’ve been patient long enough. Looked the other way too many times. This constant bickering has gone too far. Water bombs, flour everywhere, tin cans in the night. But this is taking it too far. I should’ve put one or both of you on report long ago, but I thought you’d get it out of your system. Thought you might grow up a little, especially after putting your lives on the line for each other. But no. It goes on and on, like the never-ending story. Well, I’ve had enough. That’s it!”

The wide-eyed stares were enough to dissuade him from continuing, but he was on a full rant now. The Captain of Station 51 stepped forward, staring hard at the two offending shift mates. He didn’t mention names, didn’t need to; he merely cleared his throat and lowered his voice.

“I’m not warning you again. Enough is enough. No more nice guy. This is the last time. If I come in one more time to encounter this situation, you’re done.”

With a swift turn on his heel, Hank strode purposely from the Dayroom, leaving a silent group of firemen in his wake. No one made a sound until his office door clicked shut. Then and only then did they relax.

“Wow, he was really mad this time.”

“Yeah, you’d better watch it, Gage. You heard him, one more time.”

“You’re the one that should watch yourself, Chet. If I remember right, the first one was yours.”

Roy rolled his eyes as Mike shook his head. Marco was the one who finally stepped up to clear the table of the empty box.

“Madre Dios. He was talking to both of you. And if you know what’s best for you, there’d better be one waiting for him next shift.”

The answering grumbles were unintelligible from the bay, but nevertheless, Hank grinned mischievously. Then sneaking quietly back to slip into his office, he laughed outright behind his closed door. Maybe he’d get that jelly-filled donut yet.


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