Colours (by faust)

Summary:    The future
Category:   Non-fiction
Rated:  G
Word Count:   179


“I do;” and the future looks pink and orange, bright and joyful. Then there are good times and bad, health and sickness, births and deaths, and not always in that order.

“I shall;” and the future looks green and blue, promising and full of hope. Then there are ups and downs, gains and losses, success and failure, laughter and tears, and they not always balance each other out.

“I fear;” and the future looks black and bleak, foreboding and clouded. Then there are disappointments and surprises, self-fulfilling prophecies and the inevitable, fate and coincidences, and you can’t always tell which is which.

And now the future is happening, and it’s neither pink nor green nor black. It’s a million colours, a million sounds, a million smells, a million emotions, all at once and one after another; and it’s life and it’s neither as good as you hoped nor as bad as you feared, but every night ends with a feathery band of pink and orange at the horizon, and perhaps that’s enough, and life is, after all, beautiful.

***The End***

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