Love (by Yvonne)

Synopsis:  In memory of my mother.

Category:  Original Poetry
Genre:  Poetry
Rating:  G
Word Count:  160

So now you lie deep in the cold and dark,

Locked away from life,

From the loving arms of children,

And he who called you wife.

So how to reach you now, my sweet,

No more words or last embrace,

Yet as I’m warmed in your enduring love,

I long to touch your face.

Yet how can I grieve, now that your earthly path is trod?

No more agony and sadness, counting off the precious days,

Once more strong and vibrant, your spirit blossomed free,

Everywhere I go, Mum, you walk in step with me.

Know that the first warm kiss of the morning sun,

I’ll bequeath to you,

And I’ll linger slow over sunset’s glow,

In the hopes you’ll see it, too.

Our hearts have bled, our tears are shed,

One day we’ll meet again,

Relax, release, rest in peace,

Till we rejoice in sweet refrain.



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