Stranger in the Night (by JC)

Synopsis:  Things are definitely stranger in the night…(A Bonanza Gothic poem inspired by the episode Song in the Dark, with apologies to Edgar Allen Poe).

Rating: G  (257 words)

(A Bonanza Gothic Poem a la Poe)


Once upon a moonlit night,
A stranger on a stallion white
Stalked the Ponderosa’s Tahoe rim.
A specter on a ghostly steed,
To earthly thoughts he gave no heed
As he strummed and sang a woeful hymn.

The Cartwrights all were snoring
In sweet slumber, all ignoring
The apparition near so pale and slim.
They dreamed of golden tresses,
Painted faces and blue dresses,
Dancing girls, and lovely maidens pure and prim.

Through the curtains softly flopping
Came the sound of clip clop-clopping
Up to the ears of Cartwright father Ben,
Who sat up, filled with dread
And all his sons around his bed;
He closed his eyes and prayed, “Lord, not again!”

A song came slowly wafting
Through the open windows, lofting
A haunting melody in tones most grim:
Lonely as he can be
His spirit never free
Rim, rim under the red rock rim*

Joe and Hoss both scowled at Adam
As Pa glared and glowered at him
And bellowed, “Adam, that’s YOUR friend out there!I know he saved your life
But if he wakes me one more night,
I’ll strangle BOTH of you! Now, is that clear?”

Adam pinched his nose and sighed,
Bearing guilt and wounded pride
That his best intentions caused so much uproar.
As he turned to slink away,
He had but this to say –
“Yes Pa,” quoth the eldest,




*From “Song in the Dark” written by Judith George and George W. George (Bonanza Season 4, episode 16)

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