Lessons Learned (by Trish)

Synopsis:  A sequel to Adam’s Little Angel.

Category:  Bonanza
Genre:  Western
Rating:  PG (corporeal punishment administered)
Word Count:  4,850


”YOU TWO in the house NOW”!! Adam roared.

He couldn’t believe the state the pair of them had gotten into. “How could a 12-year-old slip of a girl and a 11-year-old boy get in so much trouble in one day?”

Cassie and Little Joe ran into the house as fast as they could, not wanting to hang around Adam too long,

“It’s all your fault!” Joe shouted at Cassie

“Why is it? I didn’t drag you in there, or have you forgotten that bit!”

Both of them knew they were in trouble BIG TIME

“I know what,” Cassie said hopefully. “We could tell Adam we went to help Old Man Morgan; then he might go easy on us. What’ya think?”

“Oh yeah!! Like that’s gonna happen, and how you gonna explain why you’re dressed in my clothes, playing hooky, not to mention where he found us?” Joe asked panic rising in his voice. “You know as well as me — we’re dead when he finds out everything. Ain’t no point fooling yourself.”


“Those two little!! So help me, Hoss, I’m gonna blister their hides so bad they won’t sit down for a week — NO make that a month,” Adam hissed

“Why? What they do this time?” Hoss asked

“What did they do? What did they do? What didn’t they do is more like the question…”

Hoss followed Adam into the house, removing his hat and gun belt, putting them on the credenza. “Well, ya gonna tell me or not?” he asked

Before Adam relayed the story, he told Cassie and Little Joe to get upstairs. “I don’t want to hear a single squeak from either of you. IS THAT CLEAR?”

“Yes, Adam!!” they both answered in unison, then ran upstairs to their rooms.

“Those two imps skipped school today,” Adam started to tell Hoss.

“Well now looky here, Adam, both you and me have done that before now. Ain’t no big deal; all young’uns do it at sometime,” Hoss said.

“I’m not finished yet. Did you happen to see what Cassie was wearing OR the state they were in?” Adam asked

“Nope, I can’t say as I noticed, they ran past me that fast,” Hoss said with a grin.

 “Well, I can tell you; that little girl was dressed in Joe’s britches. There was a reason for it and not a good one I might add….” Adam rose up from his chair, his anger mounting the more he thought about it. “After skipping school, they went into town where they got talking to Charlie Morgan.”

“Who’s Charlie Morgan?” Hoss asked

“Old Man Morgan’s 15-year-old grandson; he’s staying here for a few weeks, as his Pa has had to go away on a business trip. He’s a spoilt rich kid who gets everything he wants.”

“What’s that got to do with Little Joe and Cassie?” Hoss asked

If you would just shut up and listen I’ll tell you.” Adam groaned. “Anyhow, this Charlie got to daring them to do stuff. First they stole apples from Mrs. Smith’s, then started throwing them at the general store –- which resulted in them smashing a window. As if that wasn’t bad enough, they went down to Old Jack’s Livery and let his new horses out — took four of Jack’s men to get them back in,  THEN  they snuck back here so that Cassie could change her clothes. So then after that they….

“I still don’t get it – why did she need to do that?” Hoss asked, scratching his head.

“For crying out loud, Hoss if you keep interrupting me I’m never gonna finish telling you tonight!”

“Sorry,” Hoss said sheepishly.

Adam carried on. “You know I had business in town. Well, after I’d been to the bank and delivered the timber, Mr. Stevenson suggested that, as it was a hot day, a cold beer would slide down very nicely and we could finish the final details at ‘The Silver Dollar Saloon.”




“Hi Sam. Could we please have two beers over here please,” Adam asked, sitting down at a free table

“Sure thing. How’s your family keeping?” Sam asked, bringing the beers over.

“Fine. Pa’s away on business but he’s due back tomorrow and thankfully Little Joe and Cassie have managed to stay out of trouble this time,” Adam said with a smile.

“What’s wrong — are they sickening for something?” Sam asked laughing

As Sam walked back to the bar, there was a commotion down at the lower end of the saloon; some boys began getting rowdy, Sam walked over and asked them to cool down or they would get no more beer and he would throw them out.

“What’s wrong, old man? Our money not good enough?” the older one said with a smug grin. Sam grabbed him by the collar and pulled him off his chair.

“Right, sonny; if that’s how you wanna play it, all of you out, NOW!”

Before he knew it, the lad had thrown a punch at Sam, cutting his lip and sending him sprawling onto the table; as he fell, he knocked one of the other boys out of his chair and onto the floor. Adam rushed over to help before more men got involved. As he grabbed hold of the boy, Mr. Stevenson joined him. “I’ll take this lad to the sheriff’s office,” offered Stevenson. “Just might help him cool down a bit.”

“You OK, Sam? Adam asked

“Yeah, just a split lip; I’ll survive. I’ll just help this other fella off the floor.” With that, he reached down to the other boy. “You alright, son?” Gazing down at the young boy and seeing the state he was in, Sam called to Adam, “I think you better get over here.”

“WHAT THE HELL!” Adam hollered

Little Joe was dazed from the fall, but recognized Adam’s voice immediately and groaned.

Adam grabbed Little Joe’s arm, and yanking him to his feet non to gently, barked, “YOU, outside NOW!

“B-But w-what a-about C-Ca…” Joe said in a slurred voice

“I said outside, NOW!” With that, Adam turned Little Joe toward the door and landed a stinging swat to his small backside to help him on his way.

Cassie had been hiding behind a curtain watching the events unfold. Unsure of what to do, she decided she would stay put until Adam left, but it was not to be as Sam spotted her. “Well, well, what do we have here? No point in hiding young’un.” With that, he pulled her out, not realizing who she was.

“Adam, would you take this boy home too? Looks like he’s had one too many as well, that’s if it’s not too much bother”

“Sure thing, Sam, and I’d appreciate if you didn’t mention anything to Pa if he comes in tomorrow”

“No problem,” Sam said and handed the other boy over.

“Where do you live, son?” Adam asked the boy, who just kept his head down, his hat falling over his face. “If you don’t tell me, how can I get you home? I know you’re scared, but I need to make sure you get home safe.” With that, he re-moved the boys’ hat…. And his mouth fell open. “C…Cassie,” he stammered, grabbing her arm he dragged her out the door to join Little Joe.




Adam got up from his chair, went over to the stove and poured himself and Hoss another coffee. Handing Hoss a cup, he said, “Well, Hoss, that’s the full story.”

 Hoss was speechless for a moment, then asked, “Who was the other boy then?”

“Charlie Morgan, like I said before,” Adam replied

“No, Adam, I mean the one Sam gave you to take home?” Hoss said in a puzzled tone.

“Hoss!” Adam said in an agitated voice, “I just told you it was Cassie…don’t you ever listen?”

“Ohh! That’s why she had Joe’s britches on,” Hoss announced, the penny finally dropping. “So that there Charlie fella, he’d been daring them to do the other stuff.”

“Yes!! Hoss,” Adam said, pinching the bridge of his nose. Trying to keep calm, he carried on. “He told them he could get them a beer…IF they were brave enough to go for it!! Well you know Joe and dares; anyway, while he distracted Sam, the pair of them snuck into the saloon and hid in a corner while Charlie fetched the drinks. One drink led to another, and that’s where I come into the picture.”

“Wowie, Adam, that’s the worst those young’uns ever done, Pa’s sure gonna be mad. Wouldn’t want to be in their shoes when he finds out.”

“Hmm, well, if all goes well, he won’t find out. I asked Sam to keep it quiet,” Adam informed Hoss.

“Now looky here, Adam, there ain’t no way he won’t find out about this and all the other stuff they’ve done; you know how folks round here talk,” Hoss stated

“Well, if he does find out, I’ll just tell him that I handled it, and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do now.” With that, Adam headed upstairs.

“Well, young lady, what do you have to say for yourself?” Adam barked on entering Cassie’s room

“S-sorry A-Adam,” she muttered

“That’s not good enough, Cassie, and you know it. What got into you two today? WHY? DID YOU EVEN STOP TO THINK? Can you explain all that to me?”

“I-I …W-We just wanted to do something different,” she whispered

“OH!! So playing hooky, stealing, damaging someone else’s property and DRINKING is YOUR idea of something different,” Adam shouted.

“We-We d-didn’t think. We just…”

Adam put his hand up to stop her speaking, “WELL, I’m going to give you something to think about right now, little girl!!” With that, he pulled her over his knees, and bought his hand down hard on her behind. After several swats, he told her to wash up and get to bed.

“B-but Adam, I ain’t had no supper and I’m k-kinda hungry,” she whimpered

“Well, young lady, I suggest you should have thought about the consequences of your actions before you carried them out. NOW, WASH UP AND GET INTO THAT BED!! IF you know what’s good for you,” Adam hollered at her.

On entering Little Joe’s room, he found him lying on his bed sleeping; obviously the effects of drink taking effect. “JOSEPH FRANCIS CARTWRIGHT, get up, NOW!!” Adam bellowed

Joe sat bolt upright on the bed, trying to get his bearings and at the same time wiping the sleep from his eyes, when he spotted Adam glaring down at him.

“Oh hmm, H-Hi A-Adam.”

“Don’t you Hi me, young man!! I’ve heard Cassie’s version of what happened today. Care to tell yours?” Adam asked, his voice raising.

“N-no N-not r-really. My head hurts r-real bad, Adam,” Joe moaned.

That’s not the only thing that will be hurting when I’m finished, Adam thought to himself. “Do you know what Pa’s gonna say when he hears about your antics today? WELL, DO YOU?”

Adam’s roar sobered Joe up in an instant. “P-please A-Adam, if you could just stop s-shouting. My head really hurts and I don’t feel too good neither,” Joe asked softly

“Oh that’s it, boy,” Adam said through gritted teeth. “I’ve had just about enough today.” With that, he pulled Little Joe of his bed so quickly it resulted in the contents of Joe’s stomach meeting with Adam’s new red shirt.

Adam was livid; he pulled of his shirt and threw it on the floor. He then grabbed Joe by his arm, dragged him over to the chair, pulled his britches down and put him over his lap. As with Cassie, he landed several very heavy swats to his small backside,

“Ouch, Oowww! Adam, I-I s-said I’m s-sorry, I-I won’t do it again…O-Ouch”

“Too true, little boy,” Adam bellowed. After he had finished administrating the spanking, he told Little Joe to get washed up and in bed. Lifting his shirt of the floor, he stormed out of the room to get himself cleaned up, banging the door behind him. “One of these day’s, those kid’s are gonna kill me,” Adam muttered to himself.


“Morning, Adam,” Hoss said as he came down the stairs heading towards the table. “Hmm, food sure smells good.”

“Morning,” Adam replied, taking a sip of his coffee.

“How’d last night go with the young’uns? Did they tell you anything else?” Hoss asked as he piled his plate up with bacon, eggs and pancakes

“HOSS, they could hardly stand up, never mind speak, but rest assured standing is all those two will be able to do for a few days. I made my feelings quite clear on that point.”

“Are you gonna tell Pa?” Hoss asked his mouth full of food

“Tell me what?” Ben asked as he walked into the room. “And Hoss, don’t speak with your mouth full,” Ben chastised.

“Sorry, Pa”

Well… I’d like to know what you have to tell me,” Ben asked, knowing by the look on both his son’s face’s that it was something he wasn’t going to like.

Hoss finished eating as Adam went over to his Pa and took his hat and coat from him, asking him to sit down and then he would explain what had happened while he was away. When Ben was seated, Hoss bought him over a coffee, and then Adam filled him in on all that had gone on the previous day.

“THEY DID WHAT!!” Ben roared so loudly that Hoss was sure the walls shook

Upstairs, Little Joe had heard the bellow and shuddered at the thought of what was gonna happen when he got downstairs. He thought it best he stayed put until he had no choice but to face his father. Just then his door opened and Cassie walked into the room. “J-Joe – are you awake?” she whispered softly

“Well I am now,” he hissed at her. Then turning to see her face with tears falling down her cheeks, he felt remorse for the way he’d spoken to her, “Sorry Cassie, I didn’t mean to…”

“It’s O.K., Joe, I’m scared too.” She went over and sat beside Joe on his bed. “What’s gonna happen to us now?” she asked him.

“Dunno,” Joe answered, “but I guess it won’t be too long before we find out. You best get back to your room before anyone comes up…and Cassie… I’m sorry I shouted at you…”

“It’s OK, Joe; I know you didn’t mean it, W-well see ya later – I hope.”



“So then, Pa, after the spankings, I sent them to bed without any supper,” Adam told his father. “I didn’t know what else to do,” he shrugged.

“It’s Ok, Adam, you did right. I would have done the same thing, and maybe — just maybe — I might have used my belt on their bare behinds. Well, I guess I best see what those two youngsters have to say for themselves. Hoss, would you mind going and fetching your brother and Cassie down for some breakfast?” Ben asked

“Sure thing, Pa.” With that, Hoss headed toward the stairs


“Adam, what do you know about this Charlie Morgan?” Ben asked

“Not much other than he’s a spoilt rich kid whose Pa gives him whatever he wants, no questions asked — except the thing he really wants, in my opinion. I remember Old Man Morgan saying once that if he was his son, he would have been visiting the barn many times, but his Pa has never laid a finger on him, even when it was called for,” Adam answered his father.


Hoss walked into Little Joe’s room, and going over to his bed, said, “Morning pumpkin, how you doing? Time to get up and go have some breakfast.”

“Hoss…I-I don’t think I can,” Joe said tearfully. “Pa’s real mad, ain’t he? I-I heard him just now… He’s gonna kill us!!

“Now Little Joe, you know Pa ain’t gonna kill no one. Best you get dressed and go downstairs; might not be as bad as you think,” Hoss said, trying to reassure his baby brother. “I’ll go get Cassie. And Joe, you do know what you done was wrong, don’t ya?

“Uh uh,” Little Joe whispered.

“Come on, little gal, time to get outta that there bed,” Hoss said. As he reached Cassie, he could see that she was sobbing her little heart out. He picked her up, and sitting down, he placed her on his knees. “Now Cassie, don’t get yourself so upset; everything will be ok. It might not seem it right now but…”

“Oh Hoss, I’ve really done it this time,” She wailed, tears falling. Adam will hate me and send me back to my Pa. I would rather die then have to go back. H-he c-c-could even whip me, l-like my P-Pa use to…” she stammered.

“Now just you listen here, little missy, Yep Adam might be real mad with you just now, and sure, he tanned your hide, but ain’t no way — and I mean no way — would he send you back to your Pa. ‘Sides the fact he’s still in jail. Now young’un, you get dressed and go downstairs; everything will be ok, I promise”.


“Adam, Hoss, don’t you have chores to do?” Ben said as little Joe and Cassie came down the stairs.

“Yeah, sure thing Pa,” they replied, both looked over at the two small figures walking slowly down the stairs, their hearts going out to them.

“Adam, I know those young’uns done bad, but I can’t help but feel for them; they looked so scared just now,” Hoss said sympathetically.

“Yeah, how many times were we in that position growing up?” Adam said with a wry smile.

“Sit and eat,” Ben told the two youngsters pointing toward the table.

“P-Pa, I ain’t real hungry,” Little Joe whispered to his father

JOSEPH, I SAID EAT. The same goes for you, Cassie,” Ben stated in a stern voice. “Then we will talk!”

Little Joe and Cassie only managed a few mouthfuls of the eggs and bacon that Hop Sing had prepared, both too nervous to concentrate on eating and dreading what was coming up next.

“P-Pa, w-we’ve finished,” Little Joe managed to say to his father.

“Right! On that settee now,” Ben said in a calm tone. Both knew that wasn’t a good sign.

Little Joe and Cassie sat in silence, both heads bowed, too scared to look up.

“Well, I’d like to know what you have to say for yourselves,” Ben growled.

“P-please, Uncle B-Ben, S-sir, it was me; it’s all my fault. I-I-um talked Joe into it. Please don’t h-hate him,” Cassie said with tears once again falling.

Ben walked over to her and cupping her face in his large hands said softly, “Child I don’t hate him or you for that matter but I am very disappointed in both of you. You know better than to carry out that sort of behavior. As for talking Joseph into it, he is old enough to know right from wrong. Isn’t that right?” he asked, looking at Little Joe sternly.

“Y-yes sir. P-P-Pa… I’m… I’m… w-we’re s-sorry,” Little Joe stammered.

“Yes, Joseph I’m sure you are. But did either of you stop or think about the effects your actions would have?” Ben asked

“No sir…” Joe whispered

Ben turned to look at Cassie, asking the same question. ”N-no Uncle Ben……..I’m s-sorry,” she replied.

“NOW, I know that Adam has punished you both; however…”  

Little Joe and Cassie stared wide-eyed at Ben, dreading what he was going to say next.

“Tomorrow I will be taking you both to apologize to everyone you played your so-called pranks on and that includes Sam,” Ben declared. Both Joe & Cassie paled. “Also, you will both have extra chores and are restricted to this house until I feel you can be trusted. But right now, I want you both to go up to your room,” Ben said in a firm tone

“Yes Sir,” they said together.

Walking up the stairs, Cassie whispered nervously to Joe, “Does that mean we’re gonna get another spanking?”

“Hmm dunno, I guess,” Joe shrugged. “But at least with Pa we get to keep our drawers on,” he added with a slight grin.

Oh, you think so young man! Ben said to himself as he overheard the conversation — even though Ben had no intention of administering any further physical punishment.

“Hi Pa, how’s things?” Adam asked as he entered the big room.

“Well, they’re still alive, if that’s what you mean, but I’ve informed them that I will be taking them into town tomorrow to apologize to everyone they done wrong to. They’re both in their rooms right now,” Ben said. “Plus I’m going to visit Old Man Morgan. He needs to know just exactly what his grandson has been up to.”



“Little Joe, you’re lucky I’m in a good mood today,” Sam said, “otherwise your tail would be on fire right now, But I hear that’s been taken care of.”

“Y-Yes Sir, Adam saw to that real well,” Joe answered.

“As for you, Miss Cassie, if I’d have known it was you in here, well…well……” Words escaped Sam. With that, he grabbed Cassie and turned her over his knee and landed two heavy swats to her backside.

“Oww!!” she yelled, “that hurts.”

“Meant for it to,” Sam replied, standing her on her feet he turned her to face him and said firmly. “I never want to see you in here again, do you understand?!”

“Yes sir.” Then she asked, “M-Mr. Sam how comes I got swatted and Little Joe didn’t. That’s not fair,” she said rubbing her backside. Joe nudged her so hard she tripped forward.

“Well now, missy, it’s because you deceived me by dressing up as a boy, and that there’s as bad as lying and I don’t abide with that. Next time, well, put it this way — there better not be a next time, otherwise you will feel my belt on your backside. Is that clear? And that goes for you too, Little Joe,” Sam said in a stern tone.

“Y-Yes Sir …sorry, really. We…we are, honest,” they both replied.


“Morning, Luke, how are you been keeping?” Ben asked on entering Luke Morgan’s yard

“Fine, except for having this here broken arm. Teach me in the future to look where I’m goin’ when I’m walking down stairs,” he laughed. “What brings you out to this neck of the woods, Ben?” Luke asked with a puzzled look on his face

“Well, I guess by that question you don’t know what happened the other day in town with your grandson, my youngest Little Joe and Cassie,” Ben asked

“No, Ben I don’t, but please feel free to inform me and I’m guessing it won’t be something I’m wanting to hear…” Luke replied.

After hearing the full story, Luke said, “Well, Ben, I can only apologize. To be honest, that boy needs a good thrashing, but his father has never laid a finger on him, and if I didn’t have this here broken arm, he would be over my knee right now, regardless of what his Pa would say. He was sent out here while his Pa was away to help me and he hasn’t lifted a finger since he got here. I just can’t get through to him he’s been rude and disrespectful; I’m ashamed to call him my grandson.” Luke went quiet for a moment then spoke. ”Ben I know I have no right to ask you this, but, could you…well, would you give that boy what he deserves…”

“Now, Luke, I don’t know about that. I can certainly understand you want him to be punished, but me?” Ben asked.

“Yes Ben, I am 100% sure; that boy has gotten away with far too much for far too long and it’s about time he learnt what happens if he misbehaves. And if I’m being honest, I should have had the courage to tell his father years ago.”

“Well Luke, I will have a talk with him for you, but as for administrating a tanning, I don’t think I could do that. You understand, don’t you?” Ben asked.

“Yeah, I guess; Sorry, Ben, I shouldn’t have put you in that position,” Luke answered.

“Charlie I’d like to introduce you to Mr. Ben Cartwright,” Luke said on entering the house.

“Hmm,” Charlie answered, not looking up. “What’s for supper, old fella?” he asked of his grandfather. “Not ham and beans again, I hope, don’t think I could stomach much more off that stuff.”

Ben was shocked and disgusted at the attitude of the young man toward his grandfather Boy, if you were one of my sons, you would feel my razor strap across you bare behind right now, Ben thought to himself

“Mr., Cartwright, how’s Little Joe and Cassie?” Charlie asked turning to Ben with a smug grin.

“They’re both just fine, young man,” Ben answered in a tone that any one of his sons would recognize as a warning not to say anything else on the matter.

“We sure did have a good old time there in town the other day…well except for me having to spend some time in the sheriff’s office!” Charlie said laughing.

Ben’s eyes narrowed; he had never been more angry. The boy felt no remorse whatsoever for what he had done. Standing up, Ben turned to Luke and said “I do believe I can carry out your earlier request, if you still require me to.”

“Oh Ben, you just go ahead and deliver what you think is justified; I won’t stand in your way,” Luke said with a wink.

With that, Ben went over and grabbed Charlie by the upper arm and pulled him out the front door and headed toward the barn.

“Hey, let me go, what ya doing? Grandpa!” Charlie shouted, unsure of what was happening.

“Well, young man, I’m going to be doing something that should have been done a long time ago,” Ben stated in a firm tone.

Realizing what was going to happen, Charlie begged, “Grandpa, please, h-help, p-please, stop him, I swear I’ll be good, I’ll help round the farm and I’ll do what ever you want me too. Please, I’m sorry,” he pleaded.

“Well now, Charlie, if I thought you meant what you say, I would stop him right now. However, I doubt that is true, so now you will have to pay the price for your actions,” Luke told his grandson.

Ben walked over to a bale of hay and sat down, still having a firm grip on Charlie’s arm. “Right, son, over here,” he said pointing to his knees.

“P-please, M-Mr. Cartwright, I’m sorry, really I am. It was j-just a bit of fun. I’m truly sorry,” Charlie pleaded.

“Well, Charles, I have to make sure that you are,” With that, Ben pulled the young man over his knees. As he raised his hand to land a much deserved swat, Luke handed him his doubled belt. Ben proceeded to warm Charlie’s backside.

“Ooowww…Stop! Ooowww…Ouch!! S-stop! O-ouch,” Charlie yelped.

“I will tell him when to stop,” Luke informed the teenager.

“N-nooo. Please, Grandpa, tell him stop now, p-please,” Charlie begged. “Oowww!!”

After a dozen swats, Ben raised him to his feet. Charlie was crying hard by this time and turned his back on Ben and Luke. Ben put his hand on the young man’s shoulder. “Son, I know that was hard for you, but you have to understand that your grandfather has done it out of worry and love. He only wants what’s best for you, and if you carry on the road you’ve been going down, it will only bring more trouble, do you understand?” Ben asked

“Y-yes sir,” Charlie stammered, then turned to his grandfather. “I really am sorry, sir. P-please forgive me,” he said as tears fell down his cheeks. “I will n-never do anything to dishonor you again, I-I promise.” Both grandfather and grandson hugged each other passionately for the first time in years.


“Well, I guess everyone involved learned a lesson or two,” Ben said to Luke with a smile as they watched Charlie get on the stage and head back home to his Pa.

“See ya, Grandpa, real soon, I hope. Bye, Mr. Cartwright, no disrespect but I’m hoping not to see you too soon. Don’t think my hide could take it,” Charlie said with a grin.

Little Joe, Cassie and Adam walked up as the stage started to pull out. Charlie put his head out the window and shouted, “Hey Joe, fancy a beer?”

Joe was mortified and looked over nervously to his father. Ben wagged his finger at Charlie and shouted, “Take note, son. I won’t think twice if you should ever need another ‘little talk’.”

“Well Sir, I think I’ll say no to that offer,” Charlie laughed. “And bye, everyone,” He shouted as the stage rode off into the distance taking him home.


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