The Dance Lesson (by Vickie G.)

Synopsis:  The Christmas dance approaches.

Category:  The Magnificent Seven
Genre:  Western
Rating: G
Word Count:  710


This was originally a drabble for Tanner_Talk Yahoo Group. Then it grew.


Ezra watched as Vin studied the flyer.

“Chris t…mas Dan… ce, Christmas Dance,” read the tracker with a smile. “I’d like to take Ms. Sadie. I can’t dance,” he glumly added.

“I could teach you,” offered the gambler. “It’s not hard. Momma used to hum, then she’d pick me up and move around the cabin.

Only Ezra and Vin were still in the saloon.

Ezra stood and pulled Vin to his feet. “Your right hand here and your left around my waist.”

Vin compiled reluctantly.

Right foot, Left foot. Right, Left. That’s it, keep going.”

Vin smiled as he caught the rhythm.

Softly humming so that only the two of them could hear the tune, Ezra began to show Vin a few fancier steps in the waltz he was teaching him. Vin picked it up quickly, but still their feet got tangled occasionally. Ezra stepped back swiftly as Buck came through the swinging doors.

Buck looked from Ezra to Vin and back again. “Ha ha ha, hee hee hee, ho ho ho. Can’t either of you find someone prettier to dance with?” he asked gleefully.

Scowling Vin replied, “What? We’re not dancing. We’re wrestling; I’m teaching Ezra some of the moves the Kiowa taught me. Ezra here is mighty good with a gun, but he has a lot to learn about hand-to-hand fighting. So I’m teaching him. The object is to make space between you and your opponent, but keep him close enough you can trip him up. Here, I’ll show you.”

“Put your hands on your opponent,” he grabbed the larger man in the dance position, “and then you can use your leg to knock his feet out from under him like so,” suiting actions to words he swung out his left leg and hooked it behind the Buck’s right, then he pulled his heel towards himself while using his grip to push his shoulders back. Buck landed on the hardwood floor with a resounding oomph as the air was knocked from his lungs.

Vin stepped back as Buck regained his feet.

Buck grabbed Vin and tried to pull the same maneuver on him. Vin danced to the left and then to the right. He let go with one hand and swept backwards nearly spinning Buck in a circle. He reached out with his right leg this time and hooked Buck’s leg once more. Again Buck landed on the floor.

“I see now how you accomplished that,” stated Ezra. “May I try again?” he asked with a twinkle in his eye.

Vin caught the look, stifled a smirk, and replied, “Sure, use Buck here; I want to watch what you’re doing so I can give you a few pointers.”

Buck looked a bit unsure, so Vin said, “I just started teaching him; he’s not nearly as good as me. You should be able to take him.”

Ezra reached for Buck and began the side to side movement that he’d been teaching Vin; without warning, his leg shot out and for the third time Buck was on his back on the floor. This time he brought the smaller man down on top of him so that Ezra was practically cuddled on his chest like a lover.

They barely hit the floor when the remaining four regulators walked in.

“Buck, what the hell are you doing to Ezra!” demanded Chris.

JD asked, “Are you hurt Ezra?”

Buck pushed the smaller man off his chest and climbed to feet. “Vin was just teaching us how to fight like the Kiowa’s.”

Four heads nodded as though they didn’t believe a word. They’d been watching from outside since Ezra started teaching Vin to dance. They’d been in the shadows so Buck hadn’t seen them when he walked in.

Chris broke things up. “Since all seven of us are here, who’s on patrol?” he asked.

“I reckon that would be me. I just came in to get a cup of coffee to keep me awake while I do night patrol,” stated Buck. He stalked out the door without said coffee.

Behind him, six regulators burst into laughter.


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