Ode to Michael (by Territell)

Summary:  A poem in memory of Michael Landon, on the anniversary of his death.
Category:  Poetry
Genre:  Ode
Rating:  G
Word Count:  275

It is so hard to describe the emotions that I feel
I think about you constantly, to me you are so real
It’s not just about your body or the beauty of your face
To me it is the inner you on which I contemplate.

You gave us all such happiness as you went about your day
Never claiming to be perfect, sometimes you lost your way
But all the time were striving to be a better man
Caring for the underdog, giving a helping hand.

There are those that try to knock you; put a blemish on your name
I guess that’s part of the territory that goes along with fame
But from all I’ve read that’s written, from those who knew you well
You loved life and people and of that they’re proud to tell.

As a father of so many, your love was always true
And the little kid inside you continued to shine through
Your laughter and your smile is the memory that I hold
And certainly when God made you he must have broke the mould.

You were a cowboy, a father, an angel and a man
And I just wanted to pay tribute in the only way I can
So let’s keep this day special and say a little prayer
For Michael, rest easy, from all of us that care.

***The End***

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