Once Upon A Time (by Blueyes

Summary:  A poem
Category:  Poetry, Bonanza
Genre:  Rhyme
Rated:  G
Word Count:  221


My first attempt at a poem, don’t be too cruel with me on it.

 Once upon a time, in a land out west,

Lived a gray-haired father and three sons he loved best.

Cutting into the wilderness to live off the land,

They never took more than nature could stand.

For every swing of the axe that dropped a tree,

One was planted in its place one day tall it would be.

The ranch house, though massive, its immense fireplace,

Was always the center of their home as the family embraced.

Whether it be checker games played or the reading of a book,

Love was always present, everywhere you would look.

Boys will be boys, and fights will be fought,

Pa’s will be Pa’s, and apologies were sought.

Restrictions were given and lectures were stern,

“Get your feet off the furniture!” won’t you ever learn?

Gambling and drinking and breaking every rule,

Be careful Pa don’t catch you, that wouldn’t be cool.

Classics for one son, Food for the second, and a Pinto for the baby,

All his wives so different, did he have a preference, well maybe.

The horses they rode and the guns they twirled,

Welcome one and all to Ben Cartwright’s world.

***The End***

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