A Light In The East (by Sandi)

Summary:  A Poem.
Category:  Poetry
Rated:  PG
Word Count: 249


Hues of violet, shades of red, fingers of pink.
A fiery orb rises on the horizon.
A new day, a new slate is on the brink.
Bringing promise, hopes and dreams.
A light in the East.

A shadowy silhouette of a man stands tall, gazing.
Chilled by the mist of the morning’s dew
His eyes he is raising.
In communication with his Maker, he blesses another new day
A light in the East

Fences to mend, horses to tame, miles to ride.
Nothing like rising early and being outside.
To welcome a new day, to meditate and think.
Letting his eyes feast
On the beauty God creates.
It all starts early with a light in the East

Now the sun’s colors transform.
A new day is born.
The contemplating cowboy breathes a sigh
As he smiles inside and heads in for his morning meal
With his family around the table gathered
Sometimes he wonders if it’s all for real.

Some seek fortune. Some pursue fame.
Of the physical comforts, this man desires these the least.
His family. Their blanket of love. That’s what he cherishes.
Along with the privilege to rise every morning
And with awe, gaze at a light in the East.

***The End***

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