Description of a Kid (by Lobo C)

Summary:  A Brief Description of J. D. Dunne.
Category:  The Magnificent Seven
Genre:  Western
Rated:  PG
Word Count:  222


He’s sitting there looking so relaxed you would never guess that he was the sheriff of this small town. He wear’s a brown bowler hat like ol’ Bat Masterson wears. His dark brown hair just touches his collar. When I look in his face, I see a young man who is innocent to the ways of the land in which he now resides; his brown eyes sparkle with that innocence and I hope he never loses it. As I look at him some more, I see the brown, store-bought suit he wears, the same that earmarks him as an easterner. He wears twin colts, both of them fancy with ivory grips. He is still a kid in many ways but he is slowly becoming a man with the help of his six friends. Each of his friends treat him different but the same; they treat him like a younger brother that needs to know just what he’s got himself into. He came west after his mother died. He didn’t know what he was getting himself into when he joined up with the six, but I know one thing — he will always be ready and willing to learn from his friends.

***The End***

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